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Rogers George
None of these choices have anything to do with transferring a subdomain from a lesser account (e.g. babygator) into here. I think it should, or maybe make a comment about where to find this info in the creating an account tutorial.

The subdomain will transfer along with the primary domain name.

If you want to make the subdomain its own cPanel, remove the subdomain record from the primary cPanel, Create a New Account in WHM using the subdomain name as the Domain, and finally copy over the content.

Another good thing to list here would be "how to increase the processes limit".

This task cannot be done in WHM.

The easiest way to make this change is to edit /usr/local/apache/conf/includes/pre_main_global.conf and modify the "rnpoc" line.

WARNING: Removing or modifying this limit can cause your server/container to crash.

what happens to a domain once an account has been terminated?

The domain still belongs to the owner until it expires.

The domain can be used with another host, or it can simply not be hosted (giving a "server not found" error).

Ana Hona
i wanted to know if its possible for the WHM or a reseller to backup all the accounts that are being hosted ..
so if a reseller has 10 clients and want to backup all their accounts/files/emails/databases...etc
is there an easy way to do that ? lets say using the ftp and backing up the home directory ??

The easiest way for a reseller to backup all of the cPanel accounts is to login to each cPanel and generate a full backup.

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