How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM)

To log into your WHM, you can go to any of the following links. Just make sure to customize the links as necessary.

If you have run out of bandwidth, try one of these:


Please watch our movie tutorial over how to login to WHM.

There are a few ways to log into WHM. The best way depends on if your domain name has propagated yet.

If you recently purchased a new account with HostGator, you will type the following information into the address bar of your browser:

http://yourIPaddress/whm (Example:

If the domain name is already propagated, then you can use the domain name to log into WHM. Here is an example: or

The username and password needed can be found in your welcome email. If you do NOT have the correct login, please contact HostGator via phone, live chat, or email for help.

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Aotasi Patea
Please refer error message below:
What does it mean and where do I go to fix it?

Create a new Account

Account Creation Status: failed (Sorry, a DNS entry for already exists, please delete it first (from all servers in the dns cluster) )
Sorry, a DNS entry for already exists, please delete it first (from all servers in the dns cluster)

This means you must make sure that domain does not already exist as an addon domain. If it does, you must delete it from that cPanel, first.

If it is NOT already hosted as an addon domain (or its own cPanel), then you need to remove the existing DNS entry.

To do that, login to WHM and go to "Delete a DNS Zone" on the left hand menu. Once there, select the domain name you are trying to add, and then click the Delete button.

Now, try creating your new account.

Alanna Kvale
Trying to log into WHM, using user name and password from the welcome email, but can't log in; it just keeps bringing up the sign in window over and over. What do I do now? I need to make changes on my website. Thanks.

Please contact us via phone or live chat for immediate assistance.

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