How do I choose what cPanel themes are available to my clients?

You can choose which themes are available to your clients. The instructions below illustrate how to accomplish this.

1. Login to your primary site's cPanel (not WHM).

2. Change the theme for your site to one of the RVSkin options.

3. Login to your WHM.

4. Scroll the left-hand navigation menu to the bottom.

5. Select the RVSkin Manager option.

6. Click the Themes >> option at the top of the right-hand screen.

7. On the navigation bar below that, select the Selectable Themes option.

8. Choose the themes you would like to provide as an option to your clients.

9. Save your selection.

10. Logout of your WHM.

11. In your cPanel change your theme back to the one you desire.

12. Logout of your cPanel.

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