Shared SSL for addon domains and subdomains

Be sure you know how to use your shared SSL for the primary domain, first. How to set up and use your shared SSL.

To use shared SSL for an addon or subdomain, you must use the primary URL followed by the subfolder path.

EXAMPLE: Suppose you have an addon domain named and the folder associated with this domain is public_html/

From the previous article, suppose you determined your shared SSL URL to be

The correct format for your addon domain will be

Notice! The public_html folder is never written into your webistes address. Only the parts that come after /public_html/ are used.

Is there another way to use shared SSL without showing the folders? I don't want anyone to know this is an addon domain.

With shared SSL, this is the only working method. The domain area must always have (in our example) or it will cause browser/pop-up warning messages which prevent visitors from wanting to look at your site.

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