Ticket Response Evaluations

If you have ever submitted a ticket to HostGator's ticket system, then you have almost certainly seen the line on the bottom of each email that asks you to rate the response you received. IMPORTANT: You must use the link found at the bottom of our email reply. Posting a comment on this article will NOT enter you into the drawing.

Why Ratings Matter:

Ratings and customer feedback help us track and improve the quality of our customer service. Asking customers to rate the quality of the responses they receive from our staff help us see how we are doing as a company and how our employees are doing as individuals. Management and individual employees watch these ratings closely and use them to help guide customer service strategy, evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses, and more.

About the Giveaway:

As a thank you to our customers for taking some of their time to rate our support responses, we enter everyone who rates a responses into a drawing for a $50 credit applicable towards any HostGator product or service.

This drawing is conducted once per month and is done by randomly choosing a customer email address from the ratings we receive over the course of the month. In the future, we might conduct the drawing more frequently. Customers who win the drawing will be contacted via email.

Do you have additional feedback?

If you have additional feedback to share, we encourage you to share your experiences in our Customer Reviews forum. Our Customer Review forum is the ideal place to share your feedback about your overall experience as a HostGator customer.

Article Comments

I am very satisfied with HostGator service, thank you for giving us discounts on the first month.

You guys are just the best. Your online chat and email support services are above any other I have found on the Internet. Please keep it up

Wilfrid P. Jjagwe
Thank you so much Hostgator. Your responses to my support/sales requests have been mostly always within the day and amazingly a good number of times within the very hour. I very highly recommend Hostgator on the basis of quick and patient customer care.


More precise.

HostGator Support chat and Ticket system were the most efficient and least time consuming process for the dedicated server administrators.

The best service i have ever seen. Kindly ask them to hurry up by saturdays and sundays will enhance your business to next level.

Hostgator chat support and ticket system are very helpful, they offer very friendly support and fast ticket response.

DCAA Publishing Network
Have to admit, we have had limited issues with Hostgator. The times we needed them, we enjoyed quick and courteous responses.

Our company is relatively new to Hostgator, coming from a bad experience from a previous host. Fast responses to support tickets, from qualified professionals has made us feel right at home!

Solace Rose
Though I have been contacting you after choosing you as my hosting provider, what made me impressed was nothing but the way you responded even before being a customer. That fast and prompt response from you in an hour or so forced me to have no other choices than you! All the best!

Just wanted to drop a note saying that the support you guys provide is really the BEST in the industry. I have always found support to be friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and also efficient. But it really opened my eyes when I signed up to another host because of a super cheap deal - and the support can't even be compared. They still solved my problem, but the quality of service in no way matches Hostgator.

It's a reason I continue to stay with Hostgator all these years. Thanks guys.

Hostgator service, give me satisfy and more heipful, for my business.Thx

Each time I have had a problem ( on my end may I say) your support team has been so patient and helpful The problem was solve each time without me becoming flustered or upset. Wonderful service. Fast and efficient

I'm from Paraguay, never thought I'd find such good service quality. Technical support is awesome how quickly they solve our problems.
Thanks, Hostgator!

Only had to file one ticket but the response was the best I've had from any tech support in web hosting or otherwise! Fast and they fixed problem.

Whenever I get into trouble or have a question on hosting, 24 hours a day, I get it solved within 5 minutes! My thanks goes out to the whole hostgator hosting team!

Mike V

We are very satisfied with HostGator service, thank you for giving us discounts on the first month.

Proud Daughter, LLC
I switched over about a year and half ago, and the service has been very good. Prompt, polite replies, always. This is a real pleasure after dealing with Go Daddy's atrocious tech support. Thanks.

Thank you all so much for your kind words.

HostGator will never stop striving to be better and better; that is why we are the best.

Please feel welcome to post your opinions in our official forum.

I'm very satisfied with Hostgator services as well as the quick support response, congrats to your great customer support :)

I really like your prompt chat support, available every day, every hour. It has saved me many times, it is well educated, polite and efective. I recommended your hosting services especially beacuse of your brilliant support and on-going service. I am your customer for about an year and I will stay your customer for many years ahead. I wish you brilliant success and keep on with the good service!

Thank you HostGator.
Hope there will be more games/promos like this :)

I just a small customer but I get a very kind support from hostgator. the importanting that I have not much knowledge about the IT but your live support team do not annoying and good explanation with the causes of the problem.Thank your for your best hosting.

Not fair!

Host Gator's service is so reliable that I rarely need support. I'm unlikely to ever win this promo. I guess I'll have to make problems up. ;-)

zahira Jaitapkar
I am very happy with Hostgator services.

I am looking forward to get discounts on yearly hosting



Lateef Lawal
Your answers to each of my question(s) have really helped me in designing my web page ,posting my editorial materials/pictures.I look forward to further supports whenever I encounter any problems Thanks

Thus far, HostGator has been cheap and awesome for me!

I have submitted a few tickets and I have never had one time to be displeased with the service Hostgator has offered.Hostgator has provided top quality service and results for my needs.I would recommend them to anyone especially to those that are new to the online hosting services.

Posting in the knowledge base will not enter you into the contest, but we thank you for your flattering feedback.

Please feel welcome to post your opinions in our official forum.

i too am a very small user, and have had to use your ticket service. very quick and helpful. no problems. used both email and live chat.

I am very impressed with Hostgator, and I appreciate all of the great service and the hard work you guys do on behalf of your customers

Lateef Lawal
The simplicity of your Tutorials is highly appreciated.I go through them as often to learn more.

They offer very friendly support and fast ticket response.

andry kesuma
wow this is great i always satisfied with hostgator support they are very patient to me, because i am new with web hosting. even there is no drawing for this things, hostgator still the best. and i will keep using your service.

Phillippa Aimey
I find Hostor Gator to be very user friendly, the members of staff I have spoken to so far has always been helpfull.

Zubair Ahmed
I am very happy for hostgator to win the award and I also know and believe it’s the best company around. And I have had a great experience working with host gator. I found that even the chat technician are quick, meticulous and knowledgeable in their job. I appreciate the host gator efforts to help us providing the best hosting.

Riz Donio
I'm using Hostgator webhosting for the couple of months. I think this hosting company served its client better than its competitor.

Dany Harding
+1 for your service
You are my first web hosting and my last.
The service and the speed of the hosting are very fast.
Price are very good for what they give.
Thanks allot for all and continue like that :)

Lateef Lawal
I learn something new each time I send request or question.Keep the good job going.Thanks

HostGator is my first favorite hosting, I would like to order the more powerful dedicated hosting when my websites on hostgator produce enough money to upgrade my account. This tutorial is very simple and easiest to understand.

Exceptional service. Congratulations!

Hostgator, takes all worries of hosting away. All I have I to worry about is paying my bills as at when due. When I have challenges with payment they are also very supportive.

Danny - Italy
I live and work in Italy and I ave to say HostGator is the BEST host I have found By FAR..True there are others out there that cost a little less BUT the customer Support I get from you guys at HostGator is second to none..NO other host comes near hell there all still on Mars looking down on you guys and wondering were they went wrong..to be able to contact some one 27/4/365 is priceless and in all the 4 years I have been with you guys NEVER have you failed me or my sites. In fact I even sell your packages to others on the affiliate program and they sell them selfs time after time..so if i take in to account my sales well ;) I host my 2 sites for free and still put money in my pocket... what more could you ask for.. ? maybe a cookie while we chat..lol I could go on and on but I think you get the picture...
so a big thanks and keep the up the good work.. if ever you need a referral just call me...

I live and work in Sweden and I am very satisfied with HostGator service

fred metz 3
i like the way hostgator is real fast on the help desk real fast servers

majin @ skackermommy.com
I already found a need to use hostgator's ticketing system for 3 or 4 different occasions and I really am satisfied with their response time and their service.

The people who handled my tickets really knew what they are doing and my needs/inquiry was handled in a very timely manner

Keep up the good news gator!

Dimitris Z
Hello from Athens, Greece. Congratulations for your really high quality services.
I am a real satisfied customer and I strongly recommend Hg.

You're the best really excellant customer support.

Zeeshan Najeeb
The best website hosting service. Period.

Szabó Sándor
I'm from Hungary, EU. Your service here is really fast, the support is awesome, and the prices are affordable for people living in a not too rich country. Good job, keep it up!

I switched over to hostgator a while ago, mainly because the price and package was a lot better than my last hosting company.
But I have gotten a lot more than just a great price.... support is awesome!
Keep it up team!

leslie vivas
hi, from nicaragua...
You Have a high quality services... and what i love is the fast and instant answered questions... fast answer=less waste of time... best results!
love you services... thanks!

A Palmer
I'm a reseller and last week on Sunday a client called. He had deleted table columns instead of rows while updating his database. I immediately contacted HG by chat, was told to submit a ticket, did so, and the data was restored within several hours -- on a Sunday evening. This is one of the things I appreciate most about Hostgator compared to other hosting companies I have dealt with. When you call (or chat), you talk to a person. And they have always been responsive. Thanks! I have been a HG customer for four or five years, after some really nightmarish experiences!

Scotty B.
Great job Hostgator...on everything you do! You guys rocks!

so cool , so stable and suitable ,great service.

hello !
Host gator is the best hosting for me...they gave good support..good quality....
Thanks HostGator

Diwaker Pandey
I like hostgator very much. This is the best hosting service. I recommend this to my friends also.

fin powrie
Shifted to you guys as the Other one was not good - could not be happeir with my first try at this ...finp

Anna M
I've submitted support tickets in several times and am so happy that hostgator is on the ball and fast in response time. The support team is friendly and knowledgeable and a dream to work with! I have been with several hosting services in the past and no- one meets you customer service, I haven't had any problems with down time and the loading is fast even with my image intensive site. I'm a happy customer, Thank you!

HostGator is awesome and I have been with you for more than a year, it is much better than any other hosting providers I have used

Roger Williams
Hello from Melbourne Australia. Great stuff HostGator, I would recommend you anytime. I have only needed your tech support once so far in 12 months, but I was very impressed with the quick response and politeness of my helper Donald F. All the very best to you.

Oh, yeah! Excellent service from the help desk department. Been with
Hostgator for six years and when my 2nd hosting service had an outage
with both web and email servers, I opened a 2nd account with hostgator
and transferred my website here. All in all, I've bounced from 3 hosting
services with this one website and my other websites has been with
Hostgator since 2004...so now all of my websites are with Hostgator on
two servers.
Go with Hostgator, you'll be glad you did!

I admire hostgator's support system as the live chat. It's very responsive and the technicians are very accommodating and patient. Keep up the excellent job.

David Mitchell
I had a problem with someone hacking my code and my HG Representative not only explained my problem but went in and fixed it for me. Outstanding Service at it's best.

I've known Hostgator from the course I've taken.
I wasn't prepared for any business then. So I've to close my account with hostgator. Hostgator has emailed me with concern of my closing the account.
Inspite of that, Hostgator proceed to my request with fast and efficient service.
You are my first web I've know.
I will come back to you without a doubt.

Very true, very supporting, very knowledgable customer service executives, never had any problem with them.

Hostgator offers a timely technical support, agile and professional

Catalin Istrate
Oh well ... every time i need support, not just a couple of days ago, i sent a mail for help. I was contacted by support with a light speeding couple of minutes. Excellent rating for HG support and excellent ++++ rating for HG services.

Jesus Villanueva
I have had great succes and help from the ticketing system. I am new to making a web site for my company and slowly am becoming slow in the modern technology. You guys were great in walking me through the steps I need to make my site look good.

hg has given me the best service for the past 3months keep it up guys

Toma Daniel
Hostgator support is what I call pure perfection. Everything works very good, and when I had a problem I got helped and it was fixed in minutes

HostGator is awesome! As a new user in March, I needed a lot of assistance and HostGator came through each time. Recently, I was also able to refer HostGator to a friend who owns her own business and wants to put up a website. Thank you HostGator for your great service and affordable product.

Anthony C
This contest is a catch-22! How can I rate my tickets if I don't ever have any? HG's system just works, and has been working fantastically since day 1. Keep up the great work.

I were recommanded by a friend to use hostgator recently. I find Hostgator very friendly in term of using it. Its online support also very great. I will recommand Hostgator to friends who are looking for a hosting company without hesitation.

HostGator is the first hosting company I've ever actually liked and recommended to others. Your techs are prompt, knowledgeable and courteous, I especially appreciate your service in getting my site compliant for my credit card merchant account, even when I needed quick responses on evenings & weekends... Thanks.

N Johnson
customer service is SO key these days. We are all so busy and for it to be simple is amazing. Thanks!!

Thank you! Your responses to my support/sales requests have been always satisfactory. I very highly recommend Hostgator on the basis of quick and patient customer care.


Marcio Costa
Hostgator's services are the best in my opinion webmaster, surpassing even the services of major ISPs in my own country. I am always well attended and doubts clarified in the shortest possible time. Congratulations to the whole team.

Superb service, listening customer care and quick response always. Keep it up.

Jeroen Zonneveld
Hostgator has a very good service!

Rita Baumann
There is only one problem with the contest for rating support tickets - I haven't needed to send a support ticket in over two years.


I'm with you Rita on that one.

Even when the server crashed last month, I figured I'd try and see if it was something I did or them (PLEASE NOTE THIS WAS 5:45AM SUNDAY MORNING). I was shocked when it said that 3,000 people were ahead of me and right away I knew something went wrong over at hostgator... I kept the window open for the heck of it and did some work. A minute later, it popped up saying they are aware of a problem and are on top of it and said to keep waiting if you wanted and now only 1200 people were ahead of me??? In 1 minute, literally - a minute later it opened again with someone asking how they could help me.

I don't get that anywhere near that good of customer service with my banks, credit cards or anyone, even in person! The person told me in more detail what happened and made sure I had all my questions answered, I was not rushed or given copy and pasted answers even though they were dealing with the problem and every customer going crazy about their website not working.

They also have a good attitude and a great sense of humor! LOL and you are talking to a real person 100%, no robot/bot or text copied from a file that has nothing to do with what you asked.

I gave my ratings though the ticket system itself but I haven't had any issue's since using hostgator and never comment on blogs, but I had no other choice to because I know if something comes up or I have any problem/question it will be taken care of hands down.

These guys over at host gator are real live gators. The grab you problems and chew at it in one wap. That's it! All set! You 're done. They are real good at their job and they have a good response time.

Heard about your great service.

Exceptional service. Congratulations!

thanks hostgator you are the best hosting that I ever used

Michael Knight
On the few times I have contacted support, I have always rated.

Thanks for a great service Hostgator.

Yes, you are the best, I take your services because all the people said the same.
Now I will go to the forum because I need some help, if I not find i will post a ticket to your secure help, and fast.

I think HostGator is the best hosting providers, customer service is very timely, thanks.

Daniel Hernández
I have had a very good support as a reseller, having doubts it´s not a problem with hostgator, they solve problems for you, and so, you can focus on what you know to do... I don´t have to seek for another provider, they do it good for me.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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