Before you send HostGator an email, read this

We have BoxTrapper-like system in place to help prevent spam. Please check your inbox and spam folder for a reply from and the subject "Hostgator email verification". Read the email and click the first link. Note that this is only required one time, and then you will not need to click the link ever again when using this email to write to HostGator.

Example of the verification email on the HostGator Ticket System


Thank you for contacting HostGator. In order for us to further assist you, please click on the link below:

Clicking on the link above helps us reduce spam and work faster towards resolving your issue. Please note that you must click on the link above, or your email will not be delivered to our team.

Are you seeking an immediate answer to your question? If so, check out HostGator's self-service site includes hundreds of useful articles, video tutorials, walkthroughs, and more that contain answers to a majority of your questions.

Best regards,, LLC
Ticket ID: ABC-12345678
To reply to this ticket, please be sure to email from the email address you created the ticket with.

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