Do you support LAMP?

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Yes, we do have all of these on our shared servers.

This is also supported on our Linux dedicated servers, but not on Windows dedicated servers.

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Ben Grommes
Is everything on this list of hosting requirements supported by hostgator?

REQUIREMENTS:::Please confirm with your server that they meet the following requirements:

1. PHP 4.xx or 5.xx with:
a. safe-mode must be disabled (turned off)
b. register_globals must be set to on
c. max_upload_filesize set to 6MB or above (or .htaccess
files that can change the php.ini settings for individual
accounts must be supported)
d. extensions_dir setting in php.ini MUST EXIST. *** very important ***
For windows servers this folder must be located
on the same drive as the document root and scripts directory.
e. SecFilterEngine must equal Off
SecFilterScanPOST must equal Off
f. php must have php gd library installed
g. thread safety must be disabled

2. server must allow emails to be sent via php script to any email address, and from any email address
3. server must support MYSQL and must have at least 1 mysql database available for each site, blog, and/or slideshow


Yes, we are compatible with these requirements.

We cannot disable the mod security settings (1.e.) because those rules only apply to Apache 1.x and we use Apache 2.x. However, we can find the rules which block your site and disable those, so our hosting will still work.

We cannot offer thread safety disabled (1.g.) because this only applies to Apache 1.x. However, we should be able to modify Apache to work.

I suggest contacting this company and asking if they have requirements for Apache 2.x servers. If you must have Apache 1.x, we can offer a VPS or dedicated hosting plan to meet the requirements perfectly.

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