Tell me about free content transfers

The free transfers include website files, databases, scripts, and one free domain registration transfer.

If you wish to transfer your domain registration to us (other than the free one), please click here.

To help avoid confusion, here are some basic rules for content transfers at HostGator.

  1. Free content transfers are only offered to new customers or upgrades. (An upgrade is defined as migrating from a HostGator plan to a more expensive HostGator plan.)
  2. No need to worry about content transfers when moving from shared to shared, reseller to reseller, or VPS to VPS. These situations allow us to keep you on the same server, so your content and emails will remain intact. Read more here.
  3. All free content transfers must be requested within the first 30 days of the account creation.
  4. The free content transfer is limited to the primary domain of the cPanel. We will transfer the content as is; we will not restructure your content. We will not convert addon domains to separate cPanels, vice versa.
  5. Shared hosting (Hatchling, Baby, and Business) gets the PRIMARY domain name's site content transferred for free. If you have addon domains, they will be transferred exactly as is, provided your source account is using cPanel and we can make a full backup.
  6. Resellers get 30 free content transfers. If you have addon domains, they will be transferred exactly as is; we will not convert addon domains into separate cPanels.
  7. Linux and Windows dedicated server customers receive 75 content transfers if purchasing a Basic level server, and 100 content transfers if purchasing Standard, Elite, or Pro. Linux dedicated server customers receive unlimited cPanel content transfers (provided we can make a full backup of the account). If you have addon domains, they will be transferred exactly as is; we will not convert addon domains into separate cPanels.
  8. VPS customers get 10 transfers per level. For example, a level 3 VPS receives 30 free transfers. We can perform unlimited full cPanel transfers. If you have addon domains, they will be transferred exactly as is; we will not convert addon domains into separate cPanels.

Hosts we cannot transfer from:

If would like to take advantage of our free website content transfer service, please select the correct related article below.

If you have questions about our transfer services, please email with your specific details.

Article Comments

Brant Sowden
I have a website hosted by another host and the domain name registered with a 3rd party. Is it possible to get the website and domain name transferred and made a sub domain on my account with yourselves?



Yes, you will be able to do both. However, HostGator's free content transfers do not cover converting primary domains to addon domains, and vice-versa.

You may migrate the files yourself, or you may request this along with your free transfers request and we will write you back to say if we will accept the task for a quoted price.

L Thomas
i now have a resellers account and my past customers want to transfer their hosting to me. i have access to their files. how do i go about the transfer? and what about their email accounts? is there a way to migrate them over to the new account?

You will need to download those files, and then upload them to the new account using FTP.

Email accounts will not transfer over. Your hosting will only be able to receive new emails, so ask them to archive their emails. They can do this by making a POP3 connection via Outlook and clicking Send/Receive. All received emails will be permanently saved to that computer's hard drive.

Wael Adel
i created my site locally on my PC WAMP, how can i move it. can you assist me.

You must publish the site with FTP or some type of file upload program. Unfortunately, HostGator cannot upload those files for you.

If the files were on a server with FTP or cPanel, then we could transfer them for you.

Razvan Dragusin
Hello,i curentlly have 2 websites ,i was wondering if i can transfer them to my current bussines plan ? as addon domains/websites .


Yes, that is the beauty of switching to HostGator's unlimited domains hosting.

1) I just purchased a web site that is being hosted by you how can I add it to my baby hosting without changing the content ? actually I am changing the owner within your site.

2) I have another site hosting by another hosting site, I like to use my free transfer on this one instead is it OK ? i

1) Transfer the website files from the old account to the new account. Move any databases associated with that site and make sure the site connects to them properly. You can read more at

2) Free content transfers are not transferable, and free content transfers cannot be used for Addon domains and subdomains. You may still request the free content transfer, and we will reply back with a quoted price for the work.

I have been with my hosting company for over 10 years, but they are always having downtime issues. It is a cgi-based site. Can you host that? Does it qualify for a free transfer?

Yes, we support CGI and every one who moves from another host to HostGator gets at least one free site transfer (within the first 30 days of purchase).

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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