Legal and Acceptable Content

Acceptable content for websites. Does HostGator allow my site?

For more information, we recommend reading the Terms of Service section 2.

Do you allow adult sites?
Yes, we allow adult sites. They must be legal in the United States of America.

Do you allow sites to advertise for money?
Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.

Can I use advertisement banners?
Static HTML banners are allowed, but a script-based banner uses the server processor and can crash the server (especially if the banner loads on many different pages).

Examples of unacceptable material for shared and reseller:

STORING FILES - Our shared servers are not for archiving data, files, videos, mp3's or anything else. Archiving means storage, keeping a copy or backup, etc. We try to be flexible but if someone wants the Baby plan to store 80 gigs of videos this is not something we can do.

MEDIA STREAMING - HTTP stream has a defined beginning and end. Live stream joins in the middle of a broadcast, like tv, radio or webcam. We do support HTTP stream, but not live stream on a shared server.

Examples of unacceptable material for all servers (even dedicated):

  • IRC
  • Pirated Software (Warez)
  • Hateful/Racist/Harassment oriented sites
  • Hacker focused sites/archives/programs
  • Bank Debenture/ Trading Programs / Forex
  • ...more can be located in our TOS

For specific questions regarding what is allowed and what is not allowed, please email with your details.

Article Comments

Do you allow Forex education and review sites? I am not a broker.

Yes, informational sites about Forex are fine.

Also, you may sell the programs, but you may NOT run them on our servers.

I am setting up an adult site selling videos by downloads and possible streaming and live webcam can you advise me which is the best deal to have please. I'm thinking of starting with the baby package and upgrade later.

A live stream or webcam is not allowed on shared hosting.

You will require a dedicated server.

Do you allow websites which offers music downloads?

Yes, that is perfectly acceptable.

However, copyright infringement is not acceptable. Also, if your site begins to exceed the resource limits of a shared hosting plan, you will be required to move to a dedicated hosting plan.

I have the baby croc pack. Can I use iframes to display video on demand hosted by another site? The page has a message Forbidden You don't have permission to access /<iframe src=' on this server

(have replaced actual name of vod server)

It's possible that the third-party server is not allowing any sort of embedding or hot-linking.

Please email if you need further assistance.

Do you allow "warez linking"?

No. You may not host warez, nor may you link to any warez.

Both are specifically forbidden by our Terms of Service.

William Sultana
If on the same server there is hosted adult content, and this is known to effect website ranking, can my site be moved to another server?

All of our shared servers allow adult content. It would be silly to try moving you to another shared server.

You may move to a VPS or dedicated server, and there will be no adult content unless you allow it.

I am looking to host a small niche community site that uses video chat via FFMPEG, FLVTOOL2 and LAME

Is this acceptable and do you support these media

Yes, we do allow these on a Dedicated server or VPS.

No, we do NOT allow these on a shared or reseller hosting plan.

Please refer to the related article to confirm this.

I am thinking of hosting my site with Hostgator, but on this site I plan to include some techie information, for example how one can configure hir computer to work more efficiently, etc. Configuring a computer's settings and things like this is called by some people as "hacking". I don't call it like that and I want to know what you mean when you say you don't accept information about hacking. Hacking could mean many things, and you are not very specific about it. I would guess that you actually mean performing ILLEGAL activities (like stealing or accessing another's computer) but I wanted to confirm this first.

Hacking refers to configuring or programming a system to function in ways not intended by the developer and owner.

Black-hat, gray-hat, and white-hat hacking is forbidden.

We also strictly forbid illegal activities and programs. Hacking does not necessarily include criminal activity, so we mention this separately in our TOS.

Is it possible to use the Host to provide its own software updates through stored files online?
Are you prohibited from sharing Multimedia? (no copyright)
PD. Sorry. I do not speak very good English.

Sounds like you want to update your software automatically. If that is true, you can configure a cron job to do that on a shared server.

If you want to store files on your account which visitors will use to update software on other servers, that is fine on a shared server.

We do prohibit multimedia sharing under section 7. f) of the TOS:
"Shared server users may not participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities."

Also consider section 7. e) of the TOS:
"Shared server users may not run any bit torrent application, tracker, or client. You may link to legal torrents off-site, but may not host or store them on our shared servers."

A VPS or dedicated server will allow file sharing.

Do you allow nulled softwarez like vbulletin nulled
or anyother software which is nulled

Nulled scripts are illegally hacked scripts so that a license or registration is not required.

We never allow nulled scripts. They are specifically banned from all HostGator servers.

I wanna upload a Wordpress adult related blog. Will i be able to perform all the WP's updates? And will all the plugins be ok?

Adult content is acceptable, and WordPress updates are necessary.

Most WordPress plugins are fine. Some plugins may cause problems, either because they are too resource intensive, or because they have design bugs.

Plugins are typically created by users, not the WordPress development team. Use plugins at your own risk.

I am a graphic artist and use windows/adobe cs4 MC. I'm learning the flash and dreamweaver parts of it. will I have any trouble uploading and interacting with your services? Some sites may be all flash and some with none, most will be mixed.

Yes, our hosting will work with your tools. Our hosting works with most site builder and media types.

I am going to start my own radioshow but i want to archive my shows in mp3 for people to download is that acceptable?

First, a radio broadcast website is only allowed on a VPS or Dedicated server, and you can save all the mp3's you want on VPS or dedicated (within the disk space limit).

If you are on a shared server, then you cannot host the radio station, and you cannot store the mp3's.

Sterling Reid
Hi, I am planning on starting a website for up and coming music artists and wanted to know which package i should choose. I plan to upload music and let others upload their music.

I highly recommend a dedicated server (start with a Basic and upgrade as needed). This way you can store as many music files as you like with 100% of the disk space and no inode limits.

Even a VPS plan can suffice if you have a small following.

Hi, im a music producer and i want to sell my music for licensing and non exclusive or exclusive purchases. will Host gator allow me to upload and post my mp3's for play and download?

Yes, that is definitely allowed on a VPS or dedicated server. A dedicated is recommended for heavy traffic sites.

It is not as possible on a shared (and reseller) server. A shared server does not allow archiving large amounts of image, audio, and video files.

Mark Mansfield
RE Adultwebsites...

1. You state that you do not allow webcam on shared servers, only dedicated solutions? Is it ok however if my site is only a "conduit" to some other site with cams and its own dedicated servers? An affilate type of arrangement where the actual streaming would not take place on my site?

2. Do you allow for other adult content like movies, but not streaming live content, on the shared servers?

Please clearify the acceptible content on the shared servers where adult is concerned.

Yes, you can link to other adult content; the restrictions don't really apply if the content isn't on our server. However, we would not tolerate you linking to illegal pornography.

Of course we allow you to have adult movies. The only restriction is no live streaming, even if it's not pornography.

I have website with advertisements and sometimes my clients add their ads with pictures, so my website save these pictures on server. Can I use reseller for this ?

You can do that on any of our hosting plans.

Are fan run, forum based (Non-scripted/purely forum post oriented) Role Play sites permitted on HostGator? It would hold no scripts or game engines, just fully run by posting replies in a forum setup.

No, this would easily become too resource intensive for a shared account.

James Bowie
I have recently begun creating an adult based community site with another host, I find them to be a "scam" Is it possible to transfer a whole website to your servers and also transfer the domain I have for this site. If so, how easy or difficult will that be.

I already have an account with hostgator but would like this site to be on its own account with vps. Whats my best options.

Very easy.

Simply purchase a Lvl 3 VPS with cPanel and then submit this form for your free website transfers:

Once that is complete, submit this other form to transfer your domain registration:

Has JomTube been used on Host Gator or would you recommend something else for sharing videos?

That will be fine on a VPS or dedicated server where file sharing is allowed.

web site info
I like to get a web site thur you but I have a question. With an adult web site can you have a members only area where they user need's to put a password on to view content.

Sure, go for it.

hi in my web is allowed links for host like for ejemple i have my file in megaupload i can put the link of my fille in my web is alloweb the link or not??

As long as you are not linking to viruses, warez, or other malicious sites, then you will be fine. Go for it.

Im asuming for adult websites you need a message saying it has adult content on it?

There isn't a law forcing you to do so. It is typically done as a courtesy.

I plan to host a site that refers people to another adult website. Can I have a couple short clip videos on the site for people to watch to get them interested? They are not live - just short small videos.

Yes, as long as you follow the federal and state laws.

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