How to transfer hosting with no down time.

Here is a HostGator article which explains how to avoid downtime.

What about my Database?

If you are concerned about your databases staying up-to-date, all you need to do is disable your databases so that they cannot update while we complete the transfer. We require up to 72 hours for all transfer requests. The time will depend on how large is your transfer. (If you need the content transferred faster, you may transfer the files yourself.)


After the transfer, you can create an A record to redirect all visitors to the new server; this is much faster than waiting for the propagation of new name servers.

You can also configure your site to connect to your new database, remotely; this way whether your visitors are directed to the new site or the old site, all the new updates will be saved to the new database. Now the new database will have all of your current information and can continue to update.

Also, after the site transfer, you can create a MX record so your emails will all be delivered to the new server and not need to wait as long for propagation.

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I have a website hosted with another company. If I move my website over to your company, will that affect the search engine results of my website? And if so, how long might it take for my website to be spidered and my search engine results restored back to the how they are now?
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Moving to a new host will NOT affect the pages known by a search engine. As long as the domain name, path, and file name remains the same, the search engine result will be valid.

However, if you change your type of hosting, that can have an effect on your ranking, and any change should happen the next time spiders crawl your site. (e.g. If you go from SEO hosting to a Baby plan, you lose the benefit of your separate IPs.)

New Reseller
Haha ... I love that answer. If you are worried about downtime and loosing info all you have to do is disconnect your database for 3 days! I know my clients don't care when they are down for 3 days, as long as they don't loose any data! :) Wait, isn't 3 days of a disconnected website like 3 days of lost input? hmmm ....

A more advanced site owner can come up with other solutions.

In lieu of shutting down your databases for 72 hours, my suggestion is to update your old site with the remote configuration settings for the new database. This way the old site and the new site will both update the new database.

Is upgrading from a Shared Reseller plan to a VPS Reseller plan going to have the same downtime and move issues as moving from a different host to Hostgator? Several of my clients rely on their MySQL databases for daily business and would not be happy with a 3 day downtime.

Whenever you move between Shared Webhosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting, this does require a server change. This is not as difficult as changing hosting companies, but can cause much downtime.

That is why I explained several different ways to minimize the downtime. If you use the A record and remote MySQL tricks I mentioned, you can have almost no downtime (the actual downtime depends on how long it takes you to reconfigure your database configuration files).

I have a hosting with another company and would like to switch to Hostgator, however, I don't know much about transferring process. How much of this process will Hostgator do, and how much will I be responsible for myself?

Be sure to read the "moving" page first. We pretty much cover the entire transfer process for you. We can additionally offer support to help you configure database settings.

You will be responsible for creating new content, rearranging the file structure, and creating email accounts which could not transfer.

I have uploaded my website file in c panel I don't know what next is there any one who can help me?

Please contact us via email, phone or live chat for personalized assistance.

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