How much traffic can I have?

There is no way to determine the maximum number of visitors your site can sustain. Each site is different and the amount of traffic you can handle will depend on the resources each visitor is using.

Once you are online, you can view your site statistics, like the number of visitors and which browser they use. Your cPanel includes a statistics program called AWStats.

If I need to handle more traffic, what should I do?

Shared, reseller, and VPS all handle the same amount of traffic. My best recommendation is to upgrade to a dedicated server, or a more powerful dedicated server.

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my old hosting using ulimited bandwidth. but after my blog traffic more than their 3000 visitor in a day, they turned off my website.
whether the HostGator will not happen like that if I use shared hosting, sorry for my bad english

We do not have a limit to the number of visitors. However, there is a physical limit our network can handle.

If you bring so many visitors that it crashes our shared server, we will recommend you to a dedicated server.

I'm planning to buy a plan with you to use moodle for a local school, it will probably have around 300 users accessing at the same time, what would you recommend in this case?

Our shared hosting should easily handle that kind of traffic.

The answer really depends on the resources used by your script and users. Again, you are asking for very little now, but if you later outgrow the resources of our shared server policy, you will have to upgrade to a dedicated server.

how many users is the estimated limit (at the same time using sitebuilder) for tha Aluminum reseller plan?

I cannot estimate the limit for you, as this depends on the exact instant they click a link and what resources they are using.

However, 25 simultaneous connections should allow 300-400 users with minimal conflict.

I currently have a website doing around 35k page views a day. What HostGator Package would you recommend would be good for my site?

There is no way for me to know how much resources you will need, but I recommend you start with any of our cheapest plans.

If your traffic becomes too much for a shared server, we will recommend you move to a dedicated.

Kenron Lim
Is that moving website from shared server to VPS will cause downtime? If yes, how long it take? After paying VPS cost, is that moving website to VPS is free service by hostgator?

There doesn't need to be any downtime.

If you purchase a VPS with cPanel and it cost more than your previous shared plan, then we will offer an unlimited number of free content transfers for the first 30 days.

Are you able to handle huge and unexpected spikes in traffic?
If so, what is your business practice for working with clients to compensate you for this?

I recommend you read the Terms of Service; it explains this very well.

Basically, if you spike the server too hard or for too long, you will be suspended for taking the resources from your fellow shared server users. If you don't want this to happen, you need to move to a Dedicated server.

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