How do I renew my hosting?

Your hosting plan will automatically renew every billing cycle (normally month-to-month).

All you need to do is pay for the hosting when your invoice is created.

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What is the URL where one enters payment for renewing? We got an "invoice due" email with a link. But for security purposes, we do not click on links requesting payment. So, we did a search on google on how to renew and got this Q&A page.

"All you need to do is pay for the hosting when your invoice is due" is not very useful information. We know that, we just want to know how to pay it.

You need to read the related article "How do I make a payment?"

The URL is - further details are in the related article.

Is there any possibility of paying for an entire year (or more) with one single payment? The thing is, I travel a lot and don't knowwhether I'll be there to pay my invoice or not when it is due. Also, I would prefer a single payment from the credit card instead of paying small amounts monthly.

Yes, please read the related article "How to change billing cycles, I want to pay in advance".

My annual account is due in less than 30 days. I have no invoices due and have not renewed yet. When will that invoice become available to be paid? Do you send an email reminder that an invoice is coming due?

We will create the invoice 10 days before it is due. You will only get a reminder if you do not pay the invoice and the due date is getting closer.

You may email today and ask for your invoice to appear early. I highly recommend this option, so you are sure to not forget, later.

Ernesto Barrenechea
My service finish tomorrow, but today I can't check my email and I can't enter to your live chat... I need to pay today for a new year service. What can I do?. This is URGENT.

Call us using the number at the top of this page.

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