Does HostGator support FastCGI ?

To enable FastCGI on a your account, simply add "AddHandler fcgid-script" , and the extension you want, into your .htaccess file.

AddHandler fcgid-script .php

PHP is already configured to work right away.

For other programming languages, you are required to use a dispatch file. (A dispatch file is a file which loads an application into memory. This is included as part of your application. There may be several dispatch files, depending what you want, such as fsat-cgi.)

Note: Once you enable fastcgi, your site will only use HostGator's php.ini settings. If you have a custom php.ini file, it will not be used.

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I host at your servers, and I have some CGI apps written in Perl. Could you point me to the right direction to hook them up to FastCGI?

Thank you

Please email for advanced instructions.

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