Do you offer support in other languages?

We only offer support in English. However, if an employee here can speak your language, we allow them to do that.

Your best bet is to use our live chat program. Many of our agents can successfully communicate in a foreign language if they can read your questions and have time to prepare a response.

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Hi. I currently host a website with HostGator -- you have great service. Thanks! I'm planning to launch a new website in a month or two and am wondering if I'll be able to host it through my current account with you.

I have already registered a .com domain, but I also need to register some European domains: .se, .dk, and .no (all pointing to the same website). Is HostGator able to host these European domains?


Yes, we can host any domain name you can imagine.

Please read the related article "Which domain names can be hosted by HostGator?"

Hi, i'd like to open a .it domain with you. I already have a small company website with an italian host, but i like your services and think would be great to "work" with you. Just few question to better understand my (and yours) needs: I have to move the entire website including e-mails account on your server how is the estimated "downtime" for my email services? Can you move all by yourself or will you need some "extra" work done by us? And finally, I'm looking for a "bussiness profile", I'll need a valid receipt for this "transaction" can you provide this?
Thank you.

If your old host uses cPanel, then we can move your existing email accounts and email content.

You can learn how to avoid downtime at this page:

You will have access to billing receipts for each payment within the billing system.

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