I lost or forgot my login password to HostGator billing. How do I get it?

Please visit http://gbclient.hostgator.com/
The billing login is your email address and billing password.
There is a link that says "Forgot your password." Please use this link to get a working password.

Not working?
  1. Be sure you are using the primary email address (the email you gave us during sign-up).
  2. Remember that the password is case sensitive. Make sure your caps lock is off.
  3. Be careful when you copy & paste. It is easy to inadvertently copy extra blank space at the beginning or end of your password.
  4. If you still cannot login, please contact our support via live chat, phone, or email sales@hostgator.in for help.

Article Comments

Jill Zarnowitz
I have tried to change my password in the billing system and every password I try it says new password invalid. I am using only letters and numbers, NO spaces, characters or dashes. I used up to 8 letters and numbers and nothing seems to work. I need to change the password from the one you gave me!

Check your keyboard language on your home PC. Make sure it is set to the correct region and language.

dany roh i
i am too doing like that but when i went to recover it he told me this adresse not found

The forgot password tool only works with the primary email address listed within the billing account.

Please check all of your inboxes to identify the correct email address.

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