I didn't get my welcome email or have since lost it. How can I have it resent?

The welcome email contains your site's IP address, name servers, control panel login, and getting started information.

Remember, you will not get the welcome email until after you pay for your new hosting. Then it takes up to 1 hour for Shared Web and Reseller Hosting, and up to 48 hours for Dedicated Hosting.

If you still never received your welcome email, please check your spam and junk folders. If it is not there, make sure to whitelist welcome@hostgator.in before requesting it again.

If you need your welcome email resent, please contact HostGator via phone, live chat, or an email to sales@hostgator.in including your domain for which you want the welcome email.

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kim clonts
did not receive welcome email

You have yet to pay for your order.

Please login to http://hostgator.com/billing and enter your email address and the password you chose.

Read the related article for payment steps.

did not receive welcome email, paid via paypal, on www.domain.com it appears it`s owned by hostgator but i still have no welcome email with password and details, what should i do?
It's the first time it happens here, before i got it like in 30 minutes, now it's been like 4-5 hours

Check your spam and junk folders for the email. Then contact us via email, phone or live chat for immediate assistance.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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