How do I make a payment?


Credit/Debit Card and PayPal

  • Login to
  • The top-right corner will mention your total amount due.
  • In the left menu, click "Make a payment".
  • You may now pay the full amount with either credit card or PayPal. FACT: If you have been with HostGator for over 90 days, then you may actually pay any amount you want; over-payments will be applied to your account as a credit.

See more at "gbclient, NEW billing tool for new accounts".

Paypal Subscription

This is how you can tell PayPal to make your payments automatically. Please understand that HostGator will not be in control over the amount of money you send or when PayPal sends it. If you want the automatic payments to stop, you must cancel the Paypal Subscription.

Please do not subscribe in a way which makes your payments late; doing so could cause late fees or service interruption.

  • Please sign in at
  • Once signed in, click Manage Subscriptions (in the left-hand menu).
  • Enter your payment information under the Paypal Subscription Creator.
    • Initial Payment - This is the amount you want to pay immediately.
    • Start Cycle In - This is how long PayPal should wait before making the first automated payment. This needs to be the starting date so PayPal can determine when to make future automated payments.
    • Billing Cycle - This determines how long PayPal should wait between automated payments. After the first automated payment, PayPal will count these days/months and then make the second automated payment, etc.
    • Billing Cycle Cost - This is the amount of money PayPal should send for every automated payment. PayPal cannot send a different amount every cycle, so you may need to make manual payments if you order extra services which incur one-time fees.
  • Click the "Subscribe" button.

Cash, Check or Money Orders

Make payment to "" and send via postal mail:
11251 Northwest Freeway, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77092
United States of America

We will apply this payment to your account as soon as we receive it, but not earlier.

Other methods

How can I pay with Western Union?

Payment by Bank Wire

Switching Payment Methods

You are welcome to switch how you pay at any time; there is usually no need to contact HostGator. Please follow the instructions for a one-time payment using the new method. If you pay an invoice before we charge your credit card, then we will not charge your card automatically.

If you want to permanently change your payment method, please contact our support team via live chat, telephone, or email

Article Comments

Paulo Coelho
Is it possible to put more money in our account than the monthly fee, so that we don't have to remember to pay every month?

Yes, please refer to the related article "How to change billing cycles, I want to pay in advance".

Anne Kenny
I would like to pay this monthly is this possible? When I was signing up it brought up a yearly payment.

On the order page, be sure you select the Monthly price option before clicking the Order Now button.

If you leave the option on the default "Starting at" option, then you will be able to choose the billing cycle you want (seen immediately before you enter a coupon code).

I am trying to open an account, but will need to pay via check since we are a small non-profit without paypal or credit cards. When I try to open a new account - it requires credit card info. How can I open an account without a credit card? I want to pay for hosting and domain for a year in advance. Do I just send a check now and then sign up?

Make payment to "" and send via snail mail:
11251 Northwest Freeway, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77092
United States of America

We will apply this payment to your account as soon as we receive it, but not earlier.

If you want to pay by check, just signup and choose the PayPal option. This will allow you to pay later with any method you like.

Also, you may want to consider HostGator's non-profit hosting. See the "Technology Grant" article for details.

I think my question is covered, but I just need to be sure. Currently I'm paying for my shared account every month with Paypal, on a manual, one-time payment basis. If I upgrade to a reseller account, will I still be able to do this, or will I have to switch to Paypal subscription, which might require a credit card on file (which I don't have). Side note: the option to "overpay" and have the additional credit on your account is an excellent idea.

You can continue to pay on a one-time basis, no matter what plan you have.

Hello, How can i pay with debit card not credit card? i haven't credit card and how can i open account for debitcard payment

Most debit cards double as credit cards. If your debit card has a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex logo, it should work.

Can HostGator send monthly invoices? We have a whole Accounts Payable function, and would prefer to receive monthly bills to be paid by check, but that can only be initiated by receiving an invoice. Alternately, it looks like we can simply pay yearly which may work just as well, however, if we cancel, will HostGator refund the portion of that payment we don't use? As in, we pay for 12 months in advance, but for whatever reason change providers after 8 -- will HostGator refund the remain 4 months worth?

We now send you an email for every invoice generated on your account.

If you prepay and then cancel early, we can offer a prorated refund.

Can I pay by moneybookers service ?

No, we only accept the payment types listed.

On the payment page, I can only pay for 6 months with paypal. I could not find a way to pay for one month. Is it possible to pay for one month? If so, how can I do that?

You may be on a 6 month billing cycle. Simply email and ask them if you can pay monthly (month-to-month).

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