How do I know all my hosting bills are paid?

To see your financial status with HostGator, simply login to our billing system.

All customers will login to our proprietary billing system at and sign in with your personal email address (provided during sign-up) and account password (chosen during sign-up).

Next, click "Make a Payment". The amount due will be listed; if no amount is shown, then you are paid up.

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How can I get billing account?

You will need to order hosting to get a billing account.

We also sell domain names, but without hosting, those domains do not get a billing account.

You may also email if you have problems ordering online, but we will require you to provide extra documentation in this case.

Yvonne Bugie
please, I just made an order but i think i might have filled out the wrong email address. please how can I verify and be sure that this is not the case?

Best method is to call us or join our live chat. This way we can gather specific information to help locate your account.

Also, you should receive a confirmation email immediately from HostGator anytime you place an order for hosting. If you do not receive that email, then you likely misspelled it.

Hi, could you please tell me what happens if I can't pay my monthly hosting bill on time? Do I lose all my websites?

If you do not pay on time, your hosting account (and contained websites) will be suspended. As soon as you pay, they will be back online.

If you need to pay late, please call us. We are more than happy to offer a temporary extension so your site can remain online. (Your account must be in good standing.)

If my renewal payment is due on a certain date, do I have to pay that exact day or can I be late day or two?

You want to pay within 10 days of the date when we create your new invoice. After 10 days, your account will be suspended for late payment, and a $10 late fee will apply.

Also, if your account is in good standing, you may contact us for a 7 day extension (meaning we will not suspend you or apply a late fee for a total of 17 days from the invoice creation date).

Russ Butler
2 questions.

Can I set up an auto bill on a debit/credit card?

If I get a reseller account and the bandwidth is exceeded, will you automatically upgrade my account and bill accordingly? If not, what happens if the bandwidth is exceeded?

Yes, you can setup automatic billing on a debit/credit card.

No, we do not automatically upgrade your account. When an individual cPanel runs out of bandwidth, the sites within will not load; instead a Bandwidth Exceeded message will appear. The reseller can fix this.

If the reseller runs out of bandwidth, he can fix this by logging into the serverIP/whm and assigning more bandwidth to his own cPanel.

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