Are your servers Unix / Linux, or Windows NT?

All HostGator shared webhosting, reseller, and VPS accounts run on CentOS Linux x86, which is identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Our dedicated hosting servers currently come with one of two default operating systems: Linux CentOS 5 or Windows Server 2008 r2.

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the question is Do I need to put linox on my computer or not(& continue with my windows)

You do not need to install Linux at all.

You continue to use your Windows (client side), and we will take care of the Linux hosting (server side).

Hey Amir, thanks for asking the question - I was wondering that too! :]

I bought a UNIX script, can I install this on your Hostgator server?

Shared server users can install such a script, under the following circumstances:

1. The script does NOT violate HostGator's Terms of Service (TOS).
2. The script does NOT require root privileges.
3. You can run shell scripts and binaries, but no third party libraries.

VPS and Dedicated server owners have full reign, as long as the script does not violate our TOS.

How would I know that a particular script requires root access or not? If I find a script on some script site, will it be explicitly mentioned there that this script requires root access?

Yes, the program should state if it requires root access.

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