How to login and preview - Plesk for Windows

We are offering the Plesk 9 control panel with Windows Dedicated.

Here is the basic information

Plesk Login page. https://serverIP:8443/
Plesk Username: admin

Site preview URL: http://serverIP/$sitepreview/

Pop/Smtp Server:

Be sure to replace serverIP and with the actual values.

I still don't understand how to login to Plesk

We sent you a link in your New Account email after you signed up and paid for your hosting. Inside the email is a link to your Plesk login page and your Plesk password.

  1. Click the link in your email, or type it into your browser.
  2. Your username is admin.
  3. Type your password, exactly as it appears. If you decide to copy&paste it, be careful you don't inadvertently copy any extra blank spaces (this is where most users make a mistake).
  4. Leave the Interface Language as "default", or change it to your preferred language.
  5. Click the "Log in" button.

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