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Multi domain certificates make it possible to secure up to 100 domains on the same server with a single certificate. You can mix all your different second level domains (i.e.,, and

A multi domain certificate is best for organizations that have multiple unique domains hosted on a single server. This saves you time and money while providing a high level of trust and security. Compare the cost of purchasing many individual certificates to purchasing a single multi-domain certificate (which can consolidate as many as 100 domain names) and you will see how cost effective a multi-domain certificate can be.

Do you sell multi-domain SSLs?

Multi domain SSL certs are allowed on all of HostGator's plans, except Hatchling.

The price for a one year certificate is approx Rs 7350 and includes 3 domains and installation. Each additional domain raises the price by approx Rs 1225 . (Keep in mind that and are treated as two separate domains.)

Please email for details and to purchase.

Note: If you decide to add extra domains mid-year, then we will need to reissue and reinstall your SSL certificate. The price is approx Rs 1225 per each domain (whether already on the certificate or not), plus approx Rs 1225 to reissue and reinstall. NOTE: Adding extra domains does not renew your certificate; the expiration date remains the same.

For installing a Multi-Domain SSL purchased elsewhere, we charge approx Rs 1225 + Rs 245 for each additional domain after the first 5. However, we install this for free on a HostGator managed dedicated server plan.

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So if I initially purchase a multi-domain SSL for three domains, it costs $150. If I then later want to add one more domain, will it cost $25 to reissue plus $25 for the additional domain? Or is it $25 to reissue plus ($25 x 4 domains)=$100 to add ALL the domains?

Or put another way, when using a multi-domain SSL, and going from three domains to four, will it cost $50 or $125?

The reissue would cost $25 + ($25 times the total number of domains on the certificate) + the admin installation fee.

So, $125 plus the install charge.

For this reason, I strongly recommend you host on a reseller plan (or higher) and purchase individual certificates for each domain.

If I have a reseller account and want to purchase an SSL for one of the domains, do I need to purchase a dedicated IP or would the domain already have one.

Normally, your accounts do not have dedicated IPs. You will need to purchase one at $2 per month.

I hava a business plan, Can I use the SSL include in this plan for all my addon?

No, the SSL included with a Business plan is not a multi-domain SSL, nor is it a Wildcard SSL.

You get a Domain Validated SSL certificate, which is a private SSL (a.k.a. dedicated SSL) for only one domain name.

Which ssl certificate do you provide with baby and business plan?

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We sell both Domain Validated SSL ($50/year) and Company Validated SSL ($150/year).

The business plan comes with a free Domain Validated SSL.

If I have the business plan but need SSL for more than one domain, does it still cost $150 or do you get a discount (down to $100) since the $50 single domain SSL was already included?

No, that discount is not exchangeable.

You may email to inquire about pricing and discounts.

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