How to use GZip

We support sending gzip files, or gunziping/gzipping files on the shared server. This is not the same as mod_gzip.

You can use gzip by entering your cPanel > File Manager. Select any file or folder and click the Compress link in the top right.

Similarly, there is an Extract link for ungzipping.

Article Comments

Matthew Whatman
Why isn't mod_gzip available for shared servers?

Our servers run Apache 2, so it would be mod_deflate as opposed to mod_gzip.

Mod_deflate is too resource intensive. Instead, consider database optimization and more efficient script coding to reduce page size and reuse components across pages.

Colleen Lynn
What is the difference between Gzip and using the "Optimize website" tool within cPanel? And, should a webmaster use both or just one?

They are the same; use one or the other.

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