With whom should I register my domain name?

You can buy your domain names from the cheapest company out there, but you are going to get what you pay for.

We recommend to buy your domain name with a company who you trust and who is available for contact when you need them. If you feel that we are the best company, we will treat you right, and never trap you into staying with our services.

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Katherine Friesen
I have a domain name with go daddy how dose that work can I transfer it

Please call us or join our live chat.

I want to re-register my domain names w/HostGator; I do think HG is the best company but I'm having a difficult time w/it: chat said try the tutorial and I think "private registration" means I cannot get registration at HG until the private status expires? So, my .com has to be renewed at NeWoSo first (before it expires) but I do not renew the private registration service feature or I'll never just be a Gator alone (w/out NeWoSo). I have
my hosting at HG, though. I'm working on this, please...
Tbursting it!

You can transfer a domain registration with private Whois protection. Simply login to your domain control panel at your registrar and take a screenshot of the correct Whois information, and email sales@hostgator.com with your transfer request and the screenshot attached.

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