Where do I go to login to my control panel?

If you don't know where to login, then check your welcome email. The exact answer is contained in your welcome email.

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How do I login to the control panel with a Mac?

It does not matter what kind of computer you have at home. It only matters what type of hosting you buy.

According to this article, you will login a specific way, depending on your type of hosting. Please follow the appropriate link.

How come must i pay to register another domain? isnt it UNLIMITED?

We offer to HOST an unlimited number of your domains, but you still have to register each name.

So, we let you host unlimited websites, but you have to own the domain name if you want to use it. You must register each domain name with a company who follows ICANN regulations, and you must pay a registration fee each year in order to continue using each domain name.

I just want to log in. I expect to see a LogIn or SignIn sign. This is the first time I've come across a situation where I must log in in one of 4 different ways ... without a LogIn sign! Surely my log in details will tell your system which Control Panel I should be logging into. So why can't I just log in, and your system automatically sends me to the correct Control Panel!?! Sounds stupid, but I don't know which Control Panel I should be logging into. (I haven't used your system for a while). If I can't log in, how can I find out which Control Panel I should be using? By the way, I've been going round in circles looking for a LOGIN sign. Eventually I found your unuseful reply by googling on "Hostgator where do i sign in?"!

I am working on this highly demanded feature.

When our proprietary billing system is ready, we will be able to have one login for each customer (same as our current billing system); however, our new system will be customizable.

Then we can put all your known control panel links inside for easy access. Also, I will push to get the new billing login area on our main site.

Please wait patiently as we finish developing and debugging the new system, then your request for one login area will be possible.

Really great questions and equally great answers. Not your typical robotic answers and that's GOOD!

I created my website on my Mac with iWeb, but lost it due to a fatal event to my computer. I tried to get to my website to make some changes and updates, through file maker at my hosting firm,Hostgator.
I am used to see my page and work on it directly, but at file maker I pick a file and when I open it, it just gives me codes and text lines. I don't know what to do with that.
Is there any Mac user out there that had a similar situation? I don't know how to get back into what I have created on my mac. all is gone, except for the files on hostgator. How does one work on the pages if they don't open as a page?

You can use the "HTML Edit" option instead. This allows you to edit without seeing all the confusing code.

Hi, how can I reset my password?

Currently, you must contact HostGator via phone, live chat, or email sales@hostgator.com with your account information.

I can't help but say this... I love this support system and the good work that you guys do

Keep it up

Scott Law
If I have 1 domain registered with you guys, how do I register another so i can install wordpress on it? Is it free?

You can register a new domain name at http://hostgator.com/domains

You must pay annually to register and keep the domain name, but you can host all of your registered domain names for free (except on Hatchling).

I received the following error from my work firewall when I tried to login to the control panel.

"The referenced website, ( http://cpanel.mydomain.com/ ) has been categorized as "Uncategorized URLs"

I used my registered domain name in place of "mydomain". How do I get past this?

Try using the cPanel proxy URLs.

Search "cPanel proxy" in our Knowledge Base, or visit http://support.hostgator.com/articles/proxy-access-for-cpanel-whm-and-webmail-needed-to-bypass-firewalls

I'm very angry! How is ti possible that I can't loogin in my Hostgator account to made a backup. After I installe WP, I can loggin in my site but not in Hostgator.
There is no place at Hostgator for customers to logg in!

Hope u all figure this out,,real soon,,,, this is costing all of us time, stress and money

There is no problem with your HostGator login. You may be using the wrong address or typing your login incorrectly.

No need to wait! Just contact us via phone or live chat for instant assistance.

Ken Gebert
I have the hatchling plan and want to upgrade to the baby plan to allow multiple domains. Is this possible or do I need to get a separate account for it?

Very possible and very easy to accomplish. Just visit http://hostgator.com/upgrade and submit the form.

merhaba ben login olamiyorum odemede yaptim hic bir mail gelmedi loginde olamiyorum ne olacak ┼čimdi ?

We send you an email to tell you the status of your account.

Please contact us via email, phone or live chat with your account details, and we will explain what you need to do.

You guys definitely need to add a login button. I have lost my email containing the Login link to my cPanel and I am having the hardest time performing a simple task of simply logging into my cPanel.

I know a couple of friends that have switched hosts elsewhere due to this simple issue and I hope you get it fixed.

I am staying with HostGator though. You guys are the best!

There is a suggestion exactly like this on several articles.

I can assure you I want a single login point on our home page, but it must wait until we are finished migrating all accounts to the new billing system.

Fortunately, the migrations will be complete before 2011.

UPDATE: Migrations are complete, and we are developing the login and HGAM tools.

i cannot log in to my cpanel whereas i have entered the correct username and password sent to my email. what should i do? Thanks

Please contact us via email, phone or live chat so we can determine the problem and explain how to resolve it.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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