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John Dillon
I am looking for a webhosting and email solution for a non profit group I belong to. The company was referred to me by a friend. The question I have is the following, the people involved with this group have limited in no experience in putting a website together and maintaining one. does HostGator support any of the linux CMS packages or recommend one over the other?

The main features they would need in a cms:
- Calendar
- HTML text field
- images
- document library
- links to other pages.

Thanks John

Please search for "Technology Grant" to see our offer for nonprofit organizations.

We do allow CMS scripts, you can visit to see a full list of programs included in Fantastico De Luxe. We do not recommend one over the other, nor do we offer support for using the programs.

With a reseller account is my bandwith shared with my clients or do they purchase their own package?

We give the reseller a set amount of bandwidth.

The reseller must then give his clients a set portion of his bandwidth.

Same for disk space.

i all ready have html file for home page. how to set home page. pls help me. thanks

Simply add this line of code into your /public_html/.htacess file:

DirectoryIndex home.html

Replace "home.html" with the name of your existing html file (the name is case-sensitive).

does my reseller account enable my clients to have their own resller packages under me, ie webhosting and domain registeration

No, resellers cannot create sub-reseller accounts.

You will need a dedicated server or VPS to do that.

Don Fletcher
I have transfered DNS from namecheap to here. That DNS already shows in my site as I chose 'my owner servers' at sign up. How will I know when DNS has resoved to hosgator? Will it appear different in my sites or will I get an email?

There are tests to see where the DNS resolves, but the results of those tests will not indicate if the change has propagated to all possible locations.

The only way to be sure is to wait 48 hours for propagation to complete (wait 48 hours after you change the name servers).


I have some questions related to the reseller account:

Can I white-label the reseller account or hostgator will be always visible to my clients?

Can I set limits (bandwidth / disk quota) for my clients? What happens when they go over? Can I setup the overage rules?

Is there any place I can read more about reseller accounts and how they work?



Yes, all of our reseller hosting plans will allow you to create unlimited web sites under your own brand name, with their own prices, packages and features.

Specifically, we never place our name or logo on your accounts. You can customize the control panels to have your own name and logo.

You do set your own disk space and bandwidth limits, and your clients will see appropriate errors when they reach these limits. Those errors cannot be changed or removed.

The best page to reference is and .

What does this mean:

Install WordPress (2/3)

The installation can not be completed:

- You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain.

Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors.

It means you have already installed a program at the domain/subdomain you are choosing.

Either uninstall the first program, or contact HostGator via email, phone or live chat for help.


I am new to web hosting and I just wanted to ask a few questions before selecting a webhost, in addition to selecting the best host and features for my particular needs.

With my small business website I will be selling products online, with your service will I be able to accept all major credit cards?

Once I register my domain name with your site will I own my domain name entirely or is your site partial owner?

With my site I want to allow users to upload audio files (.wav,.mp3,.aif) to my site for week long periods at a time, will I be able to do that with your site (this would obviously take a large amount of space), and if so would there be additional services that I would need to obtain from your site aside from the regular hosting features? **After a week I would delete the previous week’s files to allow for upload space for the next week**

Once I register my domain name I’d like to register 1-3 unregistered misspellings of my domain name and make sure that those entries point to my website as well, just in case customers are unsure of how to correctly spell my site. Is that possible with your hosting and if so would there be additional costs for that?

Thanks so much for your assistance in finding the correct webhost for my needs,


Yes, you can accomplish everything you want with HostGator.

You can accept all major credit cards with any of our hosting plans. However, this entirely depends on the merchant account provider (payment gateway) you choose, and has nothing to do with your host.

No one can really own a domain name. The best anyone can do is rent a domain name for 1 year at a time. Some people pay several years in advance to ensure they never lose it. Also, you are correct to deduce that there is more than one person in control of the domain; the owner has paid for the domain and has the legal rights to control it until it expires, but the registrar (or company acting as a registrar) also has the same control. Hopefully you have a trusted registrar who would never steal or lose your domain.

You may host a site which allows file uploads, but to have a File Hosting or File Dump site you will be required to host on a VPS or dedicated server.

You may register as many domains as you like, and you can host them for free. However, you still must pay the yearly registration (.com's and .net's cost around $10 per domain per year).

I am clueless with web hosting but want to create a site where the public can upload and share their dog photos - can you help me and what can I expect to pay for something like this?

You want to have file sharing, so you will need a VPS or dedicated server.

Do you allow htaccess customisation

Yes, simply search "htaccess" to learn more.

If I buy a reseller package and register domains for my clients will I be able to create a catch all mailbox for that domain?


Yes, any domain in a cPanel can have a catch all mailbox.

In the email I received after ordering HostGator I received my domain name, user name and password. Where do I find my Host name?

The Host name is the Server name. Yours will be like or .

Once your domain name is pointed to HostGator's name servers, you can use your domain name in place of the Host name in most situations.

If you still cannot solve your Host name, just contact us via email, phone or live chat for personalized assistance.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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