Compatible Technologies

Does HostGator support what I need?

Important Notice: This page doesn't mean that we install these programs for free. Some programs on this list are already on the server or can be installed for free, but some of these programs require installation or administrative fees. Feel welcome to email about a specific program and possible additional fees. (The best place to find what comes with the plan is to check that section of our website, instead of the knowledge base.)
Yes = Compatible.
No = Not compatible.
WIN = Only compatible with a Microsoft Windows server.
LINUX = Only compatible with a Linux server.
TIX = A HostGator agent must enable this for you. Please, email or contact us via phone or live chat.

3rd Party cPanel Skins No Yes
Ad Server No Yes
Adspy Sites No No
Ajax Yes Yes
Alias files , aliases Yes Yes
aMember Pro Yes Yes
Apache 2 LINUX Yes
Apache Flex No Yes
Apple , iWeb , Mac Mail Yes Yes
APS Valult , Application Vault (included) WIN WIN
ASP classic (included) WIN WIN
ASP.Net 1.1 (available only with Server 2003) No WIN
ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 (included) WIN WIN
aspell , pspell Yes Yes
Autolearn , autossh
No Yes
AWstats (included)
Yes Yes
AWstats includes
browscap , browscap.ini No Yes
C, C++, GCC, C Compiler No Yes
C# , C sharp WIN WIN
Cake CakePHP Yes Yes
Clam AV No TIX
CentOS 5 (included) LINUX LINUX
Clip Share / File Sharing No
Cold Fusion
(You purchase installation and License)
Please email for a quote.
No Yes
Colo, Colocation Services No
Compressed Files (.rar* .zip .tar.gz .bz2) Yes Yes
concrete5 Yes Yes
cPanel LINUX Yes
cPanel Pro No
CRE Loaded Sites Yes Yes
CRE Loader
(Not Included, but you can install it)
Yes Yes
Cron jobs (included) Yes Yes
Crypt SSLeay TIX Yes
CS-Cart Yes Yes
cURL, libcurl, PHP/CURL (included) TIX Yes
Cyberduck FTP Yes Yes
DBI Module Yes Yes
Delavo Yes Yes
dimdim No Yes
disabling PHP open_base dir Yes Yes
Django (shared requires fastcgi) Yes Yes
dl() function No Yes
Dolphin 7
(You provide installation and License)
No Yes
Ray, Orca, & older Dolphin versions ( Yes Yes
DotNet, dot net, .net WIN
DotNetNuke WIN WIN
Drupal (included) Yes Yes
Dundas No WIN
e107 Yes Yes
eAccelerator No Yes
eGroupWare Yes Yes
elgg Yes Yes
emacs , vi (requires SSH) Yes Yes
Email Piping Yes Yes
ExpressionEngine Yes Yes
Fantastico De Luxe (included) Yes LINUX
fastCGI Yes Yes
FFmpeg - No Yes
Flash FLV
(Browsers must have MacroMedia Flash Player Installed)
Yes Yes
Flash Media Server FMS No Yes
Flash remoting using AMFPHP Yes Yes
Flv2tool - No Yes
formail Yes Yes
formmail Yes Yes
fopen Yes Yes
FreeBSD , Debian , Ubuntu (all at your own risk) No LINUX
FrontPage extensions (included) Yes Yes
fsockopen Yes Yes
FXP No Yes
Game Server , gaming No Yes
GCD Google Cash Detective No
GD2 Library (included) Yes Yes
Ghostscript Yes Yes
Git client Yes Yes
Git server No Yes
gnome / kde (You provide installation) No Yes
GnuPG Yes Yes
Google Adsense & Adwords Yes Yes
Google Apps & Email Yes Yes
GZip Yes Yes
HTTP Digest Authentication No Yes
HTTP streaming (audio/video) Yes Yes
If-Modified-Since HTTP header Yes Yes
ihtml No Yes
ImageMagick , Image Magick (included) Yes Yes
IMAP Yes Yes
imap_open Yes Yes
innoDB Yes Yes
ionCube Loader Yes Yes
Java , .jsp , tomcat
No Yes
javascript , JSON Yes Yes
No Yes
Joomla (included)
No Yes
Kayako Yes Yes
KVM No Yes
LAME MP3 Encoder - No Yes
Latex (but we do not support the binary) Yes Yes
LDAP, openldap
No Yes
lib_curl Yes Yes
Libogg + Libvorbis - No Yes
Linux with Oracle XE (We do not officially support Oracle 11 since it requires an X windowing system, but it can be done.) No
Live streaming , web cam , radio , tv broadcast No Yes
Load Balancing No TIX
lynx TIX Yes
Magento Yes Yes
Mail - Exim Yes Yes
Mail - any other MTA (postfix) No Yes
memcached No Yes
Microsoft Access WIN
Microsoft Exchange (no longer Requires AD) No
Midnight Commander , MC No
MING PHP Module No Yes
Miva empresa No Yes
mod_layout No Yes
mod_mime Yes Yes
mod_pagespeed No Yes
mod_perl, mod_python, mod_gzip, mod_sql_auth,
mod_deflate, mod_ruby
No Yes
mod_rewrite, mod_speling
(must enable in .htaccess)
Yes Yes
mod_security, mod_sec TIX Yes
Mono No Yes
Moodle Yes Yes
mpeg2enc TIX TIX
Mplayer + MEncoder - No Yes
MSSQL (included) WIN WIN
MySQL 5 (included) Yes Yes
MySQLi Yes Yes
MySQL Clustering No Yes
nginx No Yes
NNTP / Usenet No Yes
nulled scripts (forbidden per our TOS) No No
Online Chat Program Yes Yes
openSSL 0.9.8o Yes Yes
paFileDB Yes Yes
Payment Gateway / Merchant Provider Yes Yes
PCI Compliance (included) Yes Yes
PCRE Perl Compatible Regular Expressions Yes Yes
PDFlib (requires commercial license) No Yes
PDO or pdo_mysql Yes Yes
PEAR modules - full list Yes Yes
PennyWize No Yes
Perl 5 , Python 2 , CGI , CPAN (all included) Yes Yes
PHP 5 (included) Yes Yes
php APC No Yes
php iconv Yes Yes
PHP and PECL modules - full list Yes Yes
PHP shell_exec Yes Yes
PHP tokenizer Yes Yes
PHPArcadeScript , phpas
Yes Yes
phpFox, php fox Yes Yes
phpmotion, php motion No Yes
PHP Multibyte String Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin (included) Yes Yes
Pinemail / Pine Mail No Yes
Plesk No Yes
podcast Yes Yes
POP3 (included) Yes Yes
PostgreSQL , Informix , Oracle , Sybase Solid , Generic ODBC No Yes
postini Yes Yes
PrestaShop Yes Yes
procmail Yes Yes
Proxy Server, Socket Server, SOCKS 4, 4a, &5 No No
Push Email No No
quickbooks No Yes
QuickInstall (included) Yes LINUX
Rapid Leech, rapidshare No Yes
Red5 No Yes
Remote Desktop , RDP No WIN
RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux No LINUX
RoR / Ruby on Rails (included) Yes Yes
Round Robin DNS No Yes
RSS Feeds Yes Yes
rsync Yes Yes
Safe Harbor Certified (included) Yes Yes
sem_get Yes Yes
server clock adjustments (other than Central Standard Time) , Day Light Saving dst No Yes
Server Redundancy No No
session_gc, probability, divisor, maxlifetime No Yes
SetupTools Yes Yes
shared SSL Yes No
sharepoint , share point server (requires license) No WIN
Shopping Carts Yes Yes
shtml , SSI , server side includes (all included) Yes Yes
ShoutCast , Icecast No Yes
SimpleXML Yes Yes
Site Builder , SiteBuilder (included per request) Yes Yes
Site Studio , SiteStudio (included per request) Yes Yes
Smarter Bundle, SmarterBundle (included) WIN WIN
Smarter Mail , SmarterMail (included) WIN WIN
Smarty Yes Yes
SMF Forum Boards Yes Yes
SMS Gateway , MMS No No
SMTP (included) Yes Yes
SOAP php Yes Yes
SourceGuardian decoder Yes Yes
SoX Yes Yes
SpamAssassin , spamd Yes Yes
SQLite Yes Yes
SSH2 (included) Yes Yes
SSH Tunnel No Yes
SSL Wrapper stunnel No WIN
streaming Flash No Yes
Subversion SVN Client Yes Yes
SVN / CVS Repository No Yes
Tom Cat No
tmpfs (configuration requires bill for admin time) TIX Yes
Urchin Stats (please include your root pw in the ticket) No Yes
vBulletin Yes
Vidscript No Yes
Virtual Machine vmware No Yes
Visual Basic Development WIN WIN
Visual Studio WIN WIN
VirtualEnv Yes Yes
VNC (You provide installation) No Yes
Voice Servers (TeamSpeak / Ventrillo) No Yes
Dedi = Yes
vTiger CRM , sugar CRM
(You provide installation and License)
Yes Yes
WAP Yes Yes
Webalizer (included) Yes Yes
Webdav Class 1 Yes Yes
Webdisk Class 1 Yes Yes
WebMail Access: Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube (all included) Yes Yes
Wiki ( MediaWiki , PhpWiki , TWiki ) Yes Yes
wildcard SSL , multi-domain SSL Yes Yes
Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2003 (included) WIN WIN
Woopra Yes Yes
WordPress (included) Yes Yes
WordPress MU Yes Yes
WSGI , mod_wsgi No Yes
X Windows No No
XAMPP (Linux already has LAMP, so this shouldn't be needed. Windows dedi can install this for yourself.) No Yes
XCache No
xdebug No Yes
XML , xml-rpc
Yes Yes
XMPP (You provide installation) No Yes
Xoops Yes Yes
XSitePro ( Yes Yes
xslt Yes Yes
XSSI (extended server side includes) No Yes
Yamdi No Yes
Zend Core No Yes
Zend Framework No Yes
Zend Optimizer 3.2.x Yes Yes
zip_open TIX Yes
zlib compression Library Yes Yes
Zope / Plone No Yes

If you are wondering about a program or software that is not listed here, feel welcome to email and ask us directly.

Article Comments

Iván Torres
Is expected to support LDAP/openldap services in the future?

If cPanel ever adds support for it, then yes.

General question/comment:
How about making the support center pages printer friendly (or add it as an option)? When I try to print this page, for example, the output is truncated to one page: Ajax is the last row printed.

You can select the text and choose to print the selection. Works very well.

what about a third-party web design?

You will need to check the third-party website.

It might indicate, "You must buy our hosting in order to publish the website."

Otherwise, it should say, "Works with any hosting."

David Grooms
do pay pals buttons, carts, etc. work ok here?

Absolutely. They work with any type of hosting we offer.

why is eAccelerator disabled on shared/reseller hosts?

eAccelerator is a free open-source PHP accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache. It increases the performance of PHP scripts by caching them in their compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated. It also optimizes scripts to speed up their execution. eAccelerator typically reduces server load and increases the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times.

if i understand this right eAccelerator will only increase performance and decrease serverload?


Sounds great; however, eAccelerator is not compatible with SuPHP. This means that an environment with eAccelerator is less secure than HostGator's environment.

You can move to dedicated or VPS and choose an environment without SuPHP / PHPsuExec.

Why is mod_deflate not supported by shared hosting plans? Will it ever be in the future?


Mod_deflate is too resource intensive.

Instead, consider database optimization and more efficient script coding to reduce page size and reuse components across pages.

Can I install Magento ver in one of your Shared Servers, with no problems or extra payments?

On shared servers, you may not install newer versions of server-side programs; you must use the environment provided.

Can I run a perl "SETUID" script (i.e. add "#!/usr/bin/perl -U" as first line of perl script and then chmod 4755 the srcipt to allow it to run as my user?)

No, Perl scripts will run as 'nobody' unless they are executed via a cron job or shell (SSH).

Can I install MindTouch Wiki on shared host?


It currently requires Mono 1.9, so yes you can install that wiki on a VPS or dedicated server.

You cannot install that wiki on shared or reseller plans.

It seems that although InnoDB is enabled, table linking (General relation features) is disabled. Are there any plans to enable this on shared servers?

This is true, and there are no plans to enable it at this time.

Do you know of anyone run the MODx CMS on any of your reseller accounts? I have a client that is interested in moving their site to my reseller account, but I'm not certain it meets the MODx requirement. If you're unfamilar with MODx, it's requirements can be found here:

Yes, all of our shared and reseller servers meet those requirements.

Is it possible to install Turbo Gears environment for the Hatchling plan?

Because of the GCC requirement, this can only be supported on a VPS or dedicated server.

What level of VPS would it be necessary to opt for, in order to get a noticeable increase in website performance (site load times), compared to your standard or reseller hosting packages..?

VPS does not necessarily have more resources. Even though the hardware node is very powerful, your VPS container will only be as fast as the package you purchase.

If you are concerned with better server performance for large content and heavy traffic, you need to purchase a dedicated server. A comparable server to our shared servers would be our Pro server.

What about Wowza media server?

And you mention Adobe Flash Media Server. What about Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server?


Yes, there are very few limitations on a dedicated server. So, as long as you are not hacking, spamming, dealing with money exchange, or spreading hate, then you are allowed.

Both of those programs do require dedicated servers. Just check the server requirements on the developer's page. (Google search "wowza media server requirements".)

I have my own software for web building. Web Easy Professional 8. Will I be able to upload my web page to host gator easily? Also, I am selling ebooks, will hostgator send the download to my customers after they have purchased my books through paypal? If so, what should my IPN be?

Yes. Almost any web design tool made to publish HTML to a third party host will work with HostGator.

We do not offer a service to send your customers content after they pay you. You need to design your website to handle that function.

Do you allow module and plugin installations in Moodle?

Typically, modules and plugins should be no problem. If you have something specific in mind, please email for confirmation.

Will HostGator ever have support for hosting Git repositories in shared hosting accounts?

No, not that I can foresee.

A repository is a data storage device. We do not allow shared servers to be used for data storage. Thus, you will require a VPS or dedicated server to store that data.

Is it possible to host a Skulltag server on a shared hosting plan? It's a super-lightweight. It's a very small doom server made for having just a few people connect to.

We do not allow any gaming servers on a shared server.

You will need a VPS or dedicated server plan.

John Biss
Can you support Tomcat 6?

We do not support its use, but it is compatible. Considering you can only install Tomcat on a VPS or Dedicated server, then you can have any version you want.

why ssh tunneling is not active for shared accounts ??

Unfortunately, allowing SSH tunneling through our servers opens our network up to some considerable risks. First, it allows for tunneling of non http/ssh traffic through our network, which could be used for illegitimate purposes. Additionally, it provides opportunity for our network to be used to launch attacks or be used in a hop for other illegitimate or illegal purposes. Unfortunately we are not willing to assume these risks, and therefore leave the service disabled.

PHP apc seems to be the only way to create a progress bar for uploads. What is the reason it is not available for shared servers?

It is not compatible with our suPHP environment, which is required on shared and reseller accounts.

APC is still a good way to reduce CPU usage on a VPS or dedicated server, if you opt to not use suPHP.

When I try to download the web disk, I don't see the choice for my windows OS. I have windows 7 and the choices are, windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista. Will it work with my OS?

You will find the answer in the "Accessing Web Disk" article.

....The one thing I cannot find a definite explanation of or a "how to do" of is regarding mp3 players. I am using web easy pro as my 3rd party software as I am not well versed in webcode of any kind. One of the resons we have opted to go with self hosting is we have a fansite that was previously on facebook. We had recordings from our shows there and it was a great traffic builder. Facebook is havoing several issues with thier media player and it no longer works the same so we wanted to do the same thiing here. Problem is there is no way to predict the useage at any given moment so if a sudden cpu spike exists does that automatically canel us or shut our site down? and also. why does it claim unlmited storage if there is a 20 gb limit?

You will not get shut down for a CPU spike; we allow shared server users to exceed 25% of the server's resources for up to 90 seconds.

You do get unlimited storage; the 20 GB limit only applies to our courtesy backup services.

can I work with Windows 7? is it close enough to windows vista?

It does not matter what you have on your home computer. Anyone can use HostGator hosting.

I currently am on another hosting service, and have run into a snafu. With their website building software, I cannot put videos on UNLESS they are done so through youTube. I want a short video (2 minutes) to run when the home page is loaded. Can this be done and what software or kinds of video does hostgator accept?

Yes, we allow you to upload and embed any video type you want.

You can evoke any media player you want on your site. Video and audio content is the same as all other static content; everything depends on the visitors browser and what media players they have installed.

Do you provide clustering for Linux servers??

We can offer clustering. Please email with a list of your needs, and we will suggest the correct server configuration.

can I deploy on a VPS a .war file and will tomcat get the paths as in war file? meaning no need for strugling with relative paths within the java project?

Java/Tomcat users seem to agree that you should have relative paths in the configuration.

Akshay Bansal
Do you all the requirements listed on the following site.
All requirements must be supported including optional server requirements listed on the above site so that I can start hosting my site with you.
If you complete all the requirements then I will open a dedicated hosting account with you.
Please reply fast.
I will be checking everyday for your reply.

All of our hosting plans are compatible with phpFox and the modules, except the video module will require a VPS or Dedicated Server.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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