What is a favicon?

The favicon is the favorite icon, used in your browser favorites and bookmarks. You can also see the favicon in the browser tabs.

HostGator's favicon looks like this:

You can create your own favicon by simply uploading a 16x16 pixel image to your web root and naming it favicon.ico

Note: If you are using a template or CMS, you may not be able to override the favicon this way.

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Should this display immediately . I loaded one but can't see it yet.

No, it will not show immediately because of your browser's cache.

If you want to see the icon, refresh your page. If you update the image, then clear the browser's cache before refreshing the page.

Maanoj Rakhit
I had the same question as Christa and Hostgator reply to his question helped me. Thanks.

All sites I have under addon domain names do not show their favicons (the have a white box instead). Do I do something wrong? Thanks

Just be sure you put a favicon.ico file in each addon folder (document root). The favicon in public_html only works when using the primary domain.

If you still don't see your favicon, try Ctrl + F5 (hard refresh). If you see the wrong image, clear your browser's cache before refreshing the page.

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