Secure cPanel login

How do I use shared SSL to access cPanel ?

Use https and our IP address, followed by the secure port number:


This will produce a browser warning, which you must bypass.

If you are familiar with your server name, here is the best method:





  • Note that you can only use shared SSL on a shared server.
  • The server name for resellers will look like or
  • The server name for shared web hosting customers will look like or
  • Please contact us via live chat or phone if you need your server's secure name.

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When I try to logon to my cpanel, I am directed to unprotected login. I have tried using the https://YourSitesIPAddress:2083 as advised in the KB but I am stilll having the same problem. Any help pls

Please contact HostGator via phone or live chat, so we can investigate the problem.

May Lee
I am an idiot. I still don't know how to log in to my hostgator account to update payment option. Please give me the url access.


I am trying to log-in to cpanel site with the details supplied in the welcome e-mail, however it keeps saying "Login Attempt Failed"
Do I have to wait a period before having access?

Make sure you are not copying and pasting extra blank space in your username or password.

If you still have trouble, please contact us via phone or live chat for immediate assistance.

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