public_html folder

The public_html folder is the web root for your primary domain name.

This means that public_html is the folder where you put all website files which you want to appear when someone types your main domain (the one you provided when you signed up for hosting).

You can also create Addon domains and Subdomains, and these will use a folder inside public_html.

e.g. You can create an Addon domain called and it will use a subfolder similar to /public_html/gatorhost/

The public_html folder should always have 0750 permissions.

All folders inside the public_html folder should have 0755 permissions.

All files inside the public_html folder should have 0755 or 0644 permissions.

Article Comments

Maybe a silly question but... How is this folder different than the www folder?

They are the same folder.

Is it possible to have the primary domain files inside a subdomain folder? It makes a real mess having the primary files mixed with the add-on domain folders.

That is not something HostGator will setup on a shared server, but you can accomplish this by creating a new folder, moving the primary domain's content to inside said folder, and then creating a Redirect from to

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