Please read before creating an Addon Domain.

About addon domains

Addon Domains are handled like subdomains as far as the server is concerned, but to the outside world they are separate domains.

Addon Domains do not have their own cPanel; however, you may still create e-mail accounts, redirects, Fantastico installations, subdomains, etc.

Web stats for your Addon Domain will be found within the icon of the web stat program you select in cPanel. If you are using an older cPanel theme such as "X", you will need to look under Subdomain Stats to find the web stats.

Every addon domain is also a subdomain. You may actually load your addon domain in one of three ways:
  • (As an Addon Domain Name)
  • (As a Subdomain Name)
  • (As a subfolder)

Don't worry! Visitors will only know the link you give them; they have no way of knowing which domain is your primary domain and which is the addon domain. To your visitors, the Addon Domain appears to have its own hosting plan.

Note: The temporary URL for an addon or subdomain is
http://ipaddress/~username/subfolder/ or http://servername/~username/subfolder/
where the username is your cPanel user name for your primary domain.


Article Comments

This is very helpful. How long before an addon domain url is accessible?

It will work as soon as you set the nameservers and allow 48 hours for propagation.

Please see the article titled "When will my domain start working? Propagation"

Can do i login to an AddOn domain? If yes how?

You can login to an Addon domain the same way you login to the primary domain (e.g. However, Addon domains do NOT have a separate login, so you will use the same username and password.

Addon, Parked, and Subdomains share a control panel with your primary domain, so you will arrive to the same control panel no matter which domain you use.

Only Reseller and Dedicated hosting are allowed to create multiple control panels, so that each domain can be managed by a different owner/user.

Is there any negative impact to SEO crawling and indexing if I host two domains on one hosting account? I was under the impression that subdomains should be avoided for that reason. Will an addon domain be seen as a subdomain by the search engines and spiders?

At HostGator, any addon domains and subdomains will use the same IP address as your primary domain name. Thus, exchanging reciprocal links between those sites will not increase your search engine ranking.

Our solution to you is

I have 2 questions.
1. How do robots and spiders see the add-on domain?
2. Can I switch which domain is the main one and which is the add-on?

1. Spiders see your addon and subdomains as unique websites.

Just remember that spiders follow your links and read everything; if you put any links to or or, then the search engines will use those addresses. To avoid that unpleasantness, only link to and tell potential visitors about .

2. Yes, we provide an online form to make this request easy.

how is ftp handled with addon's?

An addon domain is part of your primary domain. So, you can simply login to FTP for your primary domain and have access to every addon domain and subdomain.

You may also create an FTP account username and password. These self-created logins will usually have access to only one addon domain. (Great for giving to webdesigners! Call us for more details.)

I tried to addon a domain but it says that I am not allowed to add on any domains. I thought my account came with unlimitted domain name hosting?

Hatchling plan - you cannot add any domains.

Baby and Business plan - you should be able to add unlimited domains. Please contact us via phone or live chat if this is not working.

Reseller and Dedicated plan - you must create a package to allow extra domains in cPanel. Please search "What is a package?"

So the address bar will read: "" ??

Addon domains and subdomains are both independent websites which have nothing to do with your primary website.

The difference:
Addon domains also have their own domain, and will appear in the browser as "".

Subdomains do not have their own domain; they piggy-back off your primary domain. They will appear in the browser as "".

I have added a few add on domains. Now when I go to delete the folder that they installed under (public_html/ it won't allow me to delete that folder. Any suggestions?

You should remove the Addon Domain, first.

Next, check the file permissions and make sure they are 0755. Try deleting, again.

If that does not solve your problem, please contact us via phone or live chat.

I'm interested in your Business Plan. I want to run a site with private ssl (dedicated i.p.), and run other sites on the same account with a different i.p. At HostGator, any addon domains and subdomains will use the same IP address as your primary domain name. Is this true if the main site i.p. is dedicated? I don't want any addon domains to be identified with the main sit i.p. in any way.

The shared webhosting plans can only support one IP address.

The best solution for you is a reseller plan. Resellers can purchase a dedicated IP for their main site, and use the shared IP for any other sites.

Resellers can also purchase dedicated IPs for any of the other sites.

I just purchased a new domain name and I am about to transfer it to Hostgator. If I understand correctly, I should add it as an add-on domain to enable it as a stand-alone website (I already have a business webhosting account)?

Now, I already have a primary domain and another add-on domain from last year. Both of these are about to expire in another 20 days. I don't wish to renew either of them and will change my newly purchased domain to primary domain a day or two before the renewal date. At that time, should I remove both the domains which are up for renewal from Cpanel? Anything else I should do?


You should go ahead now and submit an Update Primary Domain request.

Then add the old primary domain as a new Addon domain. Later, when the 2 addon domains expire, remove them both.

If your primary domain and the addon domains share the same control panel, what is the point of having a separate password when creating addon domains? Is it an ftp login?

Exactly. The password is for an FTP account which is automatically generated.

You do not ever need to use that password because you can connect to the same FTP with your cPanel username and password.

I am interesting in purchasing the business plan, which comes with a dedicated IP and Private SSL certificate.

Q: My primary domain name will be secured under the Private SSL certificate... Does this mean that any add-on domains I might have, and that might also need security (https), will be able to make use of the same certificate?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can use that SSL for all of your subdomains and addon domains. However, you must use only the as the domain in the URL.

So, you can use the SSL with , , and

The certificate will not work with or

Hi, I've created a new add-on domain, however, I'm still seeing the "parked page" on this domain. What should be the DNS entries for the new add-on domain that I need to enter at my registrar?

Use the same nameservers as we provide for your primary domain.

Hi, is there any one-time charge or additional fees for each additional domain we add with babby plan?

There is no charge from HostGator. Addon domains are free to create and host.

However, you must register or already own the domain name which you want to use.

I purchased a Business plan but i need to upgrade to Reseller
Is it possible without loosing setting already done to this moment (mail/domains/spam/etc.) ?

When you move from shared webhosting to reseller hosting, we move your content for you (as is).

Simply submit the form and we will do the rest.

Hi, I have a question regarding the web statistics.
If I understood well every addon domain will have its own web statistics generated indipendently.
Is it possible to restrict the access to every domain's statistic page with a different username and password? (the subdomain ftp account will be used?)

No, it is not possible to limit access to your web stats within cPanel. There is only one login for cPanel, and it grants access to everything.

You need to upgrade to a reseller account so you can have a separate cPanel for each user.

I have a problem with add on domains and Wordpress. Everything installs correctly and works but the blog is using the main domain name in the title rather than than the dot net add on domain.

The problem is that you installed this WordPress on a different domain name first, and then tried to move it.

The best solution is to update your WordPress database with the correct domain name. Simply access your database (perhaps via phpMyAdmin) and browse the "wp_options" table. Edit the "blogname" (option_id 2) and "home" (option_id 39) entries so they reflect the correct URL for your site.

If you need further help, please refer to

I want to install wordpress on an addon domain using fantastico but I can only seem to access my main domain from cpanel. How do I edit my addons from cpanel?

Addon domains are managed in the primary domain's cPanel.

Login to your primary cPanel and click Fantastico. Go to install WordPress, and on Step 1, choose the correct domain name from the drop down box.

In creating an addon domain, will I need to duplicate my main domain files so that the addon domain has the same look when viewed?

Yes, but if both sites will look exactly the same, consider using a Parked Domain instead of an Addon Domain.

The sites will have the same template but different layouts.
I forgot to ask about creating a new database for the addon domain, do I need to do this?
Basically will I have to create everything the same as I did when creating my main domain?
Sorry about this but I am a website owner and trying to do things myself.

You can create the new database in cPanel, under MySQL Databases. There is no difference between a database used for your primary domain and a database used for an addon domain.

Yes, you basically create the second site same as you created the first site.

Every time i add a addon Domain it also adds my domain as a subdomain as well as the main domain. when i try to delete the subdomain it says error its linked to the main domain. why does there have to be a subdomain on my main site linking to my new domain names ? i dont want subdomains.

please help,

All addon domains are also subdomains. You cannot change that fact.

Don't worry! Visitors will only know the link you give them; they have no way of knowing which domain is your primary domain and which is the addon domain. To your visitors, the Addon Domain appears to have its own hosting plan.

Is it possible to redirect a non-hostgator domain to an addon domain? For example, let's say a client has an existing website with mail service on godaddy, if a new website is created in a hostgator addon domain, can the "A record" for the domain be updated on godaddy to load the new site? without changing the nameserver settings?

Yes, of course.

Let's say you have two add-on domains, hosted on your hostgator plan:, and
You want to install wordpress on both of these domains. If you do an auto install through fantastico, hostgator will not create separate databases for the unique installations of wordpress. This is problematic. For instance, should you choose to uninstall wordpress on, Fantastico will wipe out the previously created wordpress database, and both wordpress installations will be gone forever.

Work around?

That's just not true. You can install 10 WordPress on 10 addon/subdomains and they all have their own database. Also, if you uninstall 3, the other 6 are unaffected.

If you are still experiencing this problem, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for assistance.

I am adding domain names to cPanel. Does each addon domain name require a FTP account? I have read the posts and I don’t see that question answered.

And, if I need a FTP account for each addon domain name, will the user name be the same as for the primary domain name?
Thank you,

The FTP account is automatically created each time, but you are not required to use it.

I always use the Password Generator button and just don't bother to save the password. If I ever decide to use that FTP account, I can go back to cPanel and reset the password, under the FTP Accounts icon.

I have 5 addon domains on a hosted account and installed wordpress on each of problem there. Why is it when I select visit site or type in the URL...the main domain is in the title? I made sure I selected the correct names in the drop down panel when installing wordpress but all 5 sites show the main domain only.

This is because you did not change the setting for the Site Name.

When installing via Fantastico, after you pick your Admin name and password, it asks you for the Site Name. By default, the name is your primary domain name, but you can change this to anything you want. Whatever you put as the Site Name will show on your blog's home page.

How to get a www. url address ind\stead of url address

You can control this with mod_rewrite. Please refer to the "Apache mod_rewrite and examples" article.

pls this is my first time of hosting a site. I registered a domain name and trying to host by add on domain.....there is a place they are asking for subdomain/Ftp username.....all i've filled into this space have been rejected ....PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP

Please read the related article "How do I create and remove an Addon Domain?"

If you still have trouble, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for assistance.

i have had a Hatchling account for 1 year and signed and paid in full for 3 years,, i now want to do another 2 websites and would like to know how i could upgrade to a package that can host a number of sites? would what i have paid all ready be taking into consideration?

Yes, of course. Just submit the form.

Some of my addon domains were appearing in the SERPs as directories and/or subdomains of my primary domain, and these sites were ranking poorly. Somehow search engines were thinking my Addon domains were Subdomains. As a workaround, I added the following to my .htaccess file to eliminate confusion. The lines below will make sure both search engines and visitors see the right page and don't penalize you for duplicate content by accident. (Such as in cases where you have links to both and as your homepage. Google sees those as two different pages with the exact same content, which means they'll bury one in the supplemental index. If you had PR backlinks to the one Google buries, you'll lose them). With this code, any backlinks you've built will automatically transfer juice to the right domain also. NOTE: These will attach the "www" to your sites, meaning the search engines will see your site as instead of It's a canonicalization thing.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http\:\/\/www\.addondomain\.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that that htaccess code I posted needs to be placed in the root folder of the addon domain you are concerned about, nowhere else.

Thanks for the .htaccess code you provided. I just want to be sure I understand: the following code you provided should be placed in the root folder of every addon domain only. I dont have to do anything with my primary correct? Also, when I created my addon domain, I didnt place it on the public_html folder. Instead, I had created it in the root directory. Meaning, I do not have a

Does that affect what I should put in my .htacces file?

I have a domain "" hosted as a main domain some elsewhere. I would like to host it in hostgator as addon (i.e. and have it in my CP together with my main domain (i.e. Is possible to host it as an Addon Domain Name with the TLD .it? Do I need to transfer the domain to Hostgator or to create a new one with a different TLD?

Just add "" as an addon domain. Then update its nameservers to the same nameservers you use for "". Done.

No need to transfer the registration to HostGator, unless you want our superior support.

SJP Slabbert
I am trying to install Wordpress on my addon domain, but I keep on getting the following error. I suppose I did something wrong. Can I fix this?
Install WordPress (2/3)

The Error:

The installation can not be completed:

- You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain.

Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors.

It says you already installed something to that addon domain.

Go to Fantastico and scroll all the way down to Installation Overview. Find what is installed on that addon domain and uninstall it. Then try your WordPress install again.

Hi, just to make sure I understand correctly:

An addon domain is relevant from the baby plan and above. The name should be purchased independently beforehand, as with any other domain name.

A subdomain can be created from the Hatchling plan. Since it will always use the main domain name as a tail, there is no need to check and purchase this subsomain name, just choose and use it ?

Yes, you are 100% accurate.

Hi, I have just created an Addon domain. By default it looks like "". How do I get it to look like: ""?

I have also installed WordPress on the addon domain and I can't seem to login to the new domain. Whenever I enter my username and password, the WordPress login screen seems to just refresh.

Any help would be appreciated.

You are slightly mistaken. The addon domain does work as "" and "", both by default.

The problem you see is caused by WordPress. The blog saves your expected domain name in its database, and uses that domain name to rewrite your URL request.

The solution is to fix the WordPress Home and SiteURL data. Please read more at

I'm about to add a 2nd domain and I realized one potential problem, as well as a solution for it. When Google crawls the primary site it will also crawl the subdirectory where the 2nd domain files reside. It could view that content as duplicate when crawling the 2nd domain, therefore ranking it lower.

The solution would be to exclude the subdomain path in the robot.txt of the primary domain. Then it won't get crawled or indexed.

this is not enough. And the reason is "duplicate content". Search engines will see there are many domains displaying the same, sometimes interlinked. THATS BAD

"As a result, the ranking of the site may suffer, or the site might be removed entirely from the Google index, in which case it will no longer appear in search results."

I tried with live chat, but finally had to fix it myself

Here is how:

the hostgator cpanel have the option in the subdomain listing page to make redirects. We should add each redirection to the rightful domain. goes to

that's easy

then, for the primary domain we have to BLOCK the access to the duplicate content. It is not enough to simply add it to robots.txt restrictions. We have to use the .htaccess of the main site, including each subfolder we dont want to be displayed

it says my subdomain/ftp username is invalid. How can I make sure it is valid?

No spaces and no symbols (special characters).

Especially look for blank space at the beginning and end of the name.

I am using 1and1 as my nameserver and I just created a subdomain to an existing addon domain on one of my packages: (where is an addon).

Do I need to go to 1and1 and edit the DNS settings so I can go to the subdomain by typing in

Everything depends on what nameservers the addon domain has.

If the nameservers point to 1and1, then they must create the DNS record.

If the nameservers point to HostGator, then we must create the DNS record.

Privacy Note: Even though most visitors will see each add on domain as just another website, all add on domains have the SAME NAMESERVERS. Do the same nameservers definitely mean that the addons are hosted under the same plan? How many other plans can have the same nameservers?

Assuming that each plan has its own nameservers, anyone who wants to know can find out that X website and Y website are hosted under the same plan (
This would contradict the official line at the top of this page:
"To your visitors, the Addon Domain appears to have its own hosting plan."

No worries. Two sites with the same nameservers does not indicate that they belong to the same owner. It only indicates that both have a DNS zone on the same server. Technically, it doesn't even prove they are hosted on the same server or even with the same host.

There are hundreds of sites per server, so at best, you could suspect the two sites belong to the same owner.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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