MySQL database size limit

There is no limit for the size of databases.

MySQL is only limited to the size of your cPanel's disk space.

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Is there any way, we can set the limit for Mysql DB.
for ex: i dont want to grow my DB more than 10 MB.
Is there any way, i can achieve it ?

A reseller may limit the number of databases that can be created. The limit can be unique for each cPanel you manage.

Unfortunately, there is not an option in cPanel to limit the individual database size.

Also, you cannot set a quota for the total size of all databases combined. Of course, you do set a disk space maximum for the entire cPanel, which is also the maximum for the total size of all databases combined.

You say
"MySQL is only limited to the size of your cPanel's disk space."
What is the disk space available to cPanel at Gator Hosting ?

I plan to work with very large databases (>10GB) and I consider using Gator for doing that.

All plans specify exactly how much disk space is provided on our order pages.

You get unlimited disk space with a shared webhosting plan. Other plan types have a set amount of disk space.

I am setting up a new site and after getting WordPress as the first download through Fantastico, I got a message: "You have reached the maximum of allowed MySQL databases. Fantastico can not proceed with installations until you upgrade your account or reduce the number of used databases (for example by uninstalling a script)". What do I do?

Contact your host so they can increase that limit.

If you are the reseller, you need to create a package which allows more than 0 (zero) databases. Then assign that package to your domain's cPanel. Read more at

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