I already own a hosting package and want to add a 2nd domain.

Please remember that a Hatchling plan cannot add a second domain for hosting. Even domain aliases are not allowed.

Any other plans allow an unlimited number of additional domains and domain aliases.

Shared Web Hosting
You will add extra domains through your cPanel feature called "Addon Domains". Please read about Addon Domains here.

Reseller and Dedicated Hosting
You can add extra domains through your WHM feature called "Create a New Account". Read about how to "Create a New Account" here. You can also allow each cPanel user to add extra domains via the "Addon Domains" feature, and the limitation of this feature is decided by you.

Don't forget! You must register a new domain name before you can use it with your hosting. All domains added to your account use the same name servers we provided in your welcome email.

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how do i have my second domain redirected to my primary domain?

The easiest solution is to add your second domain under the Parked Domains icon in cPanel.

Result for your visitors: This will keep the second domain in the address bar, while showing the exact same site as your primary domain.

Another solution is to add the second domain under Addon Domains. Then setup the "Manage Redirect" option.

Result for your visitors: This will replace the second domain in the address bar with the primary domain, and then display the primary domain's website.

I have one domain on my Baby Plan hosting account. I want to add a 2nd domain. After I register my new domain, do I have to pay extra to host it, or does "Unlimited" mean you can have as many domains registered as you want and still only pay 7.95/mo for hosting?

After you register the new domain name, you may host it for free.

So, you pay (about $10-$20 per year) for each new domain name you want to own, and host it for no additional cost at HostGator.

I am looking to buy HostGator VPS Hosting but want to know if can able host Unlimited Domains WITHOUT ANY extra charges. Please advise

Yes, of course you can host unlimited domains with VPS.

Just remember that the domains must already be registered. If not, you must register them for a fee.

I have added a second domain to my baby package, i have transferred my blog over to this folder, and after a couple of issues it works. BUT when i enter my 2nd domain name in a browser, it goes to the blog and the 2nd domain name shows in the browser, however as soon as i click a menu item the browser shows http://1st domain/2nd domain.com.
Can anyone please help/

You have the 1st domain stored in the database, and WordPress will always try to use that.

You can update the Home and Site URL entries by reading more at http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

I own Baby Plan. I've registered one domain and i'd like to register another one. The second domain would be something completly different than the first one. Is the "Addon Domains" the function i need, or do i need buy another Baby Plan? How that works?

Yes, please use the Addon Domains feature. This is what makes Baby hosting such a great value: host all your domains for one price of $9.95 per month!

Hi there -
I also have the Baby Plan, and I have used the "Addon Domain" function to add a second domain to my account. So, when I change the nameservers to hostgator, do I use the same as my first domain? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, I'm quite a newbie at this!

Yes, use the same nameservers for every domain on the same hosting account.

I have added a second domain on an existing 'baby' plan.
Since I registered my domain elsewhere, do I use the same nameservers that the primary domain has?

Yes. "All domains added to your account use the same name servers we provided in your welcome email."

Hi. I've added my second domain at addon domains. How do I install wordpress on it? When I go to Cpanel and choose fantastico, than wordpress, it shows info on the 1st domain.

Get back to where you are talking about and click the "New Installation" link. Now choose the new addon domain from the drop down and proceed as normal.

Hi. Although I know that this place is not for support. But I need to ask this. I have a baby plan here. I already moved one domain name from GoDaddy. Now I want to move the other domain names to my account here to Hostgator. I changed those domains' DNSs. Nevertheless I don't sitll know how to create those or where to manage them from my account. Could you please advise?
Thanks very much in advance,

You will add extra domains through your cPanel icon called "Addon Domains".

Once they are added as Addon Domains, they will be able to resolve the DNS.

I'm looking at a business plan. With it, I will have a primary domain and an add on domain. The add on domain will point to a folder in the public.html folder that contains a completely different site than the primary domain/site.
How do I tell the add on domain to point to that specific folder?

When you create the Addon Domain, it asks you for the Document Root. This is where you identify the folder name (e.g. /public_html/newdomain.com/ ).

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