How to upload to an Addon or Subdomain

Option 1

In a FTP client enter this information.

Host = add on domain name
User =
Password = what you entered during Addon domain creation
Port = 21

Once you have successfully connected to your ftp client will be in the root of the add on domain name.

If everything was successful you should see a folder called cgi-bin.

Upload your files.

Enjoy your new site.

Option 2

In a FTP client enter this information.

Host = primary domain name
User = cPanel username
Password = cPanel password
Port = 21

Once you have successfully connected to your ftp client will be in the home directory.

Double click the public_html folder. Double click the addon domain folder.

Upload your files.

Enjoy your new site.
You do not need to upload or create the cgi-bin folder. The cPanel will automatically create this folder with each new Addon and Subdomain creation.

Article Comments

Kate Perez
I uploaded all my files. They work fine when I open them on my desktop but when I go to the URL I do not get what I expect to get.

My web page is flash, it worked before but now it just goes to a sort-of search page.

What am I missing? I tried uploading directly to the addon folder under pubic_html, and to the cgi-bin folder under it with the same results.

What did I miss?


The next step is to call HostGator or join us in the live chat, so we can investigate your specific situation.

Likely, we need to restart Apache on your server. Also, the culprit could be a bad IP address.

I added the addon domain name and uploaded files to the new domain's folder that was automatically set up. A search page comes up instead of my site. Is there a delay for when the the site is then active? Is it a 24-48 hour waiting period? Or did I do something wrong?

It is normal to wait up to 48 hours for a domain name to propagate (48 hours from the time you update your name servers or DNS).

However, a search portal page usually indicates that we need to restart Apache on the server.

Please contact HostGator via live chat or phone so we can investigate.

I want to give someone ftp access to one of my addon domains so they can upload files to a certain folder. I'm guessing they can use FileZilla to directly connect using method 1 above, but the trouble is I've lost the domain password I specified when I created the addon domain. Is there any way I can retrieve that password? Or is there a better way to grant access to just one folder for uploading files?

Just go back to cPanel, and under the Files section, click the FTP Accounts icon. Look through the list and find the addon domain account. Click the Change Password button on the right, and now you can reset the password (with no need to know the old password).

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