How to disable anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP is disabled by default. You will require a Business plan or better to enable anonymous FTP.

We do not recommend using Anonymous FTP as it is a security risk. (Because it allows any person to access FTP without identifying themselves.)

I think it is on!

Simply login to cPanel and click the Anonymous FTP icon. Uncheck both boxes ("Allow anonymous access..." and "Allow anonymous upload...") and click the Save Settings button.

You will see and in your cPanel, but they are not enabled if both boxes under Anonymous FTP are unchecked.

If you are connecting and see a 'pub' folder, then anonymous FTP is not enabled. (That folder is not on your account; it is on the server.)

Article Comments

It would be nice to have a feature to totally disable all insecure FTP connections, and use only SFTP, with same account settings, as with the FTP, only through the port 2222 (with softwares like WinSCP).

Currently, due to cPanel limitations, your request is not possible.

When it is possible to disable regular FTP on port 21 and keep only SFTP, I will update this comment.

Thank you for the informative post - I was concerned mine was enabled due to the "pub" folder but this cleared up my confusion.

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