Copy Entire Database or Rename Database

Is there a way for me to copy an entire database in cPanel?

Is there a way for me to copy an entire database from another server?

You will need to export the original database, and import to a new database.

How to export?
  1. Go to existing database in phpMyAdmin
  2. Click Export at the top
  3. Leave the settings as they are, click the "Save as file" checkbox and click Go
  4. This will download a .sql file to your computer

How can I import a database?
  1. Create a new database in cPanel
  2. Go to phpMyAdmin
  3. Click the new database name in the top left
  4. Click Import in the main area of phpMyAdmin
  5. Browse for the .sql file on your computer and click Go

Note: phpMyAdmin will timeout after 30 seconds of attempting to import.

If you experience this timeout, please upload the database backup file to your HostGator account and email with the details. Our administrators will perform the import for you. For security reasons, it's best to upload your database to the /home/USERNAME section of your account. (Replace USERNAME with your cPanel username.)

Is there a way to rename a database?

Unfortunately, the only way to rename a database is to copy it to a new, empty database with the desired name.

Article Comments

Marcy Coate
Thank you. This was very helpful. I was able to transfer 2 large sites running on Joomla with no problems, thanks to your perfect explanations.

Great info, with more cms apps being used practical info like this for phpMyAdmin comes in very handy.

I like to know if, the new database name is totally different from the old one, that can still be imported without any changes to it or need some changes
if need changes please let me know, what are the changes before i import it to new host.

It can still be imported without making any changes to the name.

However, you will need to update your script's configuration file to reflect the new name.

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