Where do I get the required links and banners to be an affiliate?

Your ad banners and links will be provided to you within your affiliate control panel, after you have registered your affiliate account.

You can also make your own banners if you would rather not use ours, as long as the image is using your affiliate link it will work just fine.

Please email affiliates@hostgator.in for affiliate program questions and support.

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Sofronio Cabunilas
This website is the best.

Hello there,
I would like to know whether you have any banners available in other languages? If not, do you have any plans of having any made in the future? Thank you for your time.

We only plan to have banners in English, but you may create your own.

TC Egan
Do you have any suggested language to use in emails sent to opt in lists and/or for posting classifed ads for the affiliate program? I am using your banners but have access to my own contact leads that I would like to send emails to re the affiliate program. I am anxious to send out emails.

Thanks - look forward to your reply.

You may create literature from our web page details. Even the page descriptions you see in the search engines might be a good source.

"HostGator is a leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. Over 2.5 million websites trust HostGator for their web hosting needs."

"If you need to find web hosting to host your website, you can trust HostGator LLC. We host over 2,500,000 domains on our servers."

Michelle Baker
Do you have links for people who do exclusively email marketing?

Yes, the special URL we provide can be linked from a website or within an email.

Can I deep link to a certain page on the web site, or do I have to use the banners/text default destination? What if I wanted a Full Page banner or white lable site? Are those available. Thank you. You guys are great and I have about 45 domains hosted with you...Never had a problem!

Please email affiliates@hostgator.com with your special requests.

There are some rather nice "green hosting" banners available from a link on the affiliate sign-up page, including some small ones ideal for footers. Unfortunately these don't seem to be available in the affiliate banners section of the affiliate control panel. Will these become available, or is there another way to use them?

Just view the banners from the link on the affiliate sign-up page, and then right-click and Save the one you want.

Now you can upload the banner and use it in your web design.

(If our prices or specials change, then you will have to download a new banner.)

i have put up a banner on my blog which was give to me when i sign up for the hostgstor affiliate program the problem is when i put the cursor on the banner i see my hostgator affiliate link id i wld like to know how to fix that so dat my id dont show

The simple solution is to create a redirect. Something like mydomain.com/special which redirects to your true affiliate link.

If you want to hide the redirect value, you can use a masked forward or mod_rewrite.

In case any pricing or promotion details change contrary to what is stated in any of the ad banners, should I "hot-link" to a banner image (so it will update on your end as necessary) - or is there some way I'll be notified of any such changes?

Do not hotlink to our images.

We won't update those images anyway. Rather we would make new ones and your hotlink would simply break.

We haven't changed pricing in a very long time, and I do not foresee price changes. The only recent change was when we started offering discounts for multiple years on shared webhosting, which is reflected in our current banners.

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