When and how often will I be paid?

Your commissions are paid on the last week of each month following the first 90 days after the sale. The registered account must also be currently active and paid up to date at the time of payout and you must reach the minimum balance of Rs.10,000/- before you are paid.

For example, if you made five sales in January, you will be paid your commission in the last week of April.

Please email affiliates@hostgator.in for affiliate program questions and support.

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KC Vale
I didn't just fall off the "internet turnip truck" and know a scam when when I see one.

So what is the catch with your hosting?
You don't mention anywhere what your outgoing network bandwidth is.
Sure, you can offer unlimited everything to millions if your connection is a garden hose, what is yours?

And a 50% commission on a $100 sale?
What is REALLY up with you guys because I pay $100 a month for a shared Win2K3 web server with Remote Desktop and killer fiber backbone connection.


I am so pleased to answer your questions, KC.

The only "catch" with our hosting is that it's so great. We offer desirable, affordable and reliable services with unparalleled technical support.

We do post our outgoing network bandwidth, and many other server specifications. Here is the knowledge base article you were unable to find: "Server specifications, specs"


You can also learn about our datacenter and network by clicking the Company link in the bottom menu of every page. (Network/Datacenter is on the right hand side.) Here is a direct link:


Finally, we don't offer a 50% commission to affiliates; it is a flat $50 commission.

Yes, we do pay outrageous money to our affiliates, but we are very careful in tracking real sales and filtering out scam artists who think they can make some quick cash. Notice that we even pay some affiliates up to $125 per referral. It is definitely worth the extra publicity, and if your referral stays with us for several months, then we do make that money back.

And with our great services and loyal customers, we will be keeping your referrals for a very long time.

Chris Bloor
I have been making a full-time living online for 10 years and have co-authored with 43 of the best known marketers on the planet. Hostgator is my preferred host precisely because of their brilliant plans and second-to-none tech support.

I just added 2 new sites site with them. I use them and refer people to them because in a world of disappointments they are the real deal.

I am a full time internet marketer and have been using HG for all of my hosting needs. I have two hosting accounts and numerous domains with them. I have only gotten First class service and support from them. Their 24 Live chat is awesome!

I recommend hostgator to anyone, beginner to advanced.

Hi, I have been hosting with HG for about a year now and they have been absolutely brilliant. Uptime is excellent (never gone offline to my knowledge) and page load and connection has been great.Prior to that I was with a Canadian company that were very good,.. but compared to HG,..they now shadow as merely a 2nd best. As a webmaster and service provider I have many clients that I work for on their servers and can say that none of those other hosts come close to HG for responsiveness to questions. HG is the ONLY host I have encountered that actually uses a very reliable humanly manned chat service (not a lame script or messaging facility) and their ticket system and response is awesome. The staff are knowledgeable and polite and seem to take active interest in clients whereas other hosts tend to be indifferent and unresponsive. The HG Cpanel configuration and the ability to get support and security advice and help is the best. By far and wide HG would have to be the BEST hosting company for Wordpress,- I currently run several WP sites and blogs, plus a WP hive (multi-blog) and 3 WPMU installs complete with "Wildcard" domain name enabling...all for $9.95 per month... that's insane (even though I hope that HG will continue to offer such insane value!!).
I could continue for a couple more paragraphs but will finish off by simply saying... Hostgator... you blow away the competition!!

No scam here people. I have been with Hostgator for several years now and host over a dozen sites with the company. I have never had any downtime and the customer support is second to none.

i have recently joined hostgator affiliate program. i am also hostgator customer.

i have masked my affiliate links. is this allowed?

That is acceptable, as long as you obey the Affiliate Terms of Service.


I just want to know if a customer decides to buy only for 6 months, will I earn any commisions then?
Is there a minimum amount of money that I need to earn before HG sends it into my paypal account?

"HostGator reserves the right to only pay for referrals that are active."

Meaning, yes, if they are active at the time we pay you. Commissions are paid approximately 60 to 90 days after the referral signup.

We pay monthly, despite how many referrals you send. There is no minimum amount; if you only made $50 one month, we pay you that.

Please read more at http://www.hostgator.com/affiliate-tos.shtml

If you still have unanswered questions, please email affiliates@hostgator.com

Hostgator is great and I am really enjoying their affiliates program. The coolest bit is, I am referring people who want to buy reseller accounts (which btw I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BETTER OR MORE SUPPORTIVE RESELLER PROGRAM(see how good i am at that, helps that its 100% true, easy to sell something you trust)) anyway, in doing that my referred resellers always want to run the whmcs affilliates program of their own (SO EASY) and so then I start making referrals FOR THEM TOO! there is so much potential here and you know HG is gonna hook you up since they are getting killer promotion of their services as well. forming a mutually beneficial relationship with HG is one of the smarter things I've done on the internet. THANK YOU HG!

I switched all my site hosting and recommend HG to all my family and friends. The Cpanel and excellent free templates are what convinced me.

I was using the guys that think if I see girl race car drivers I won't care if their interface is impossible to figure out. Plus HG is cheaper. So the affiliate money is a bonus for me and I'll be using it to expand my business.
Thanks, Bob

KC Im not sure whats on your tail hanging when you posts this but.. I know and agree with wes1der. There is no downside and as the rep said below you. They do make that money back and end up keeping most of the clients that we send them because of there awesome service and hosting.

I have been with them after about 1-2 years now and plan on staying as long as they dont change nothing major that effect what i signed up for and receive now with my service , inodes, bandwidth, disc space etc etc.. as i have been with tons of others that i ended up leaving because they started putting other guidelines down that wasn't there and claimed they was but... i hunted down and tried out tons of hosts until i choose Hostgator and thank god i did and i haven't been more happier with a host and im so glad i decided to go with them. i dont see myself leaving them no time soon. I also host many sites here on my accounts. Not to mention also am an affiliate and it's the real deal.

If you want a great host and a great affiliates program then if i was you i would join up for sure. If your looking to use the affi's and/or abuse it. Don't bother as they say they have very good detects and can tell who's abusing it and trying to rob them.

Speaking of i should be getting my check here in the next week or two =) i better be. =P Plus more to come.

[not like he is going to read this or come back to even see it most likly but oohh well..lol ]

I'm so sorry. I hate to be rude. I read everything you said and sent. My question still remains. Maybe I'm retarded. So please just give me the explanation...

If I refer someone and they sign up for 1 month...how much do I make?
If they sign up for 3 years, but only stay for 1 year...how much do I make?
If they sign up for 1 year, but only stay for 6 months...how much do I make?

I'm just being honest- I don't see any minimum committments spelled out anywhere. What's to stop someone from getting friends to pay for 3 months (costs $30) just so that they can make a $50 commission?

Thanks again, I appreciate any light you can shed on this!

Of course, allow me to ease your confusion.

If you refer someone and they sign up for a month, then you get a credit. However, that person's account must be active when we total your sales and prepare your commission check. So, they would have to stay about 60 to 90 days.

If you refer someone and they sign up for 3 years, you still get the same credit. Again, that person must stay with us about 60 to 90 days.

See, you don't make more money by selling bigger plans or longer commitments. Each referral pays the same, and only pays one time.

I explained that we have methods to catch cheaters who would try to fraud us. Don't try it. You will just waste your time and money.

Also, I already explained, even if we do pay you more than your referrals pay us, we enjoy other benefits from having affiliates.

Re: "Your commissions are paid on the last week of each month following the first 60 days after the sale."

Is this new? It seems to me I remember reading somewhere that we were paid on the first day of each month following the first 60 days after the sale. And now I can't for the life of me find where I read that. And indeed, I just got a payment from you guys, today, December 1st for sales I made in September (thank you very much, btw!)

I'm still a bit confused as to this affiliate program. Is it a recurring monthly residual income per customer. Or a one time type of payment thing?

For example if you bring in a new customer who joins and stays long term over 90 days. You get $50 for that new customer.

But after that initial sale with that same customer. Do you make any residuals if they stay for years? Or is it just a one-time payment for that one individual customer.

It is a one-time payment to you, no matter how long the referred customer stays.

Guys stop asking questions like how HG makes money if your referral stays for a short term. They have ways to catch fraud sales and have enough affiliates and customers to suck in any loses from the short term referrals.

HostGator is the best hosting to use and promote!

Sally Dillon
Hostgator is awesome. Even my world class programmer who has a Master's Degree and over 15 years experience said, "These guys are really good." Do not fear that your referrals will be unsatisfied. They will be THRILLED with Hostgator. The 24/7 support is great.

I had another hosting service for years. The services were about the same, but the support sucked. Hostgator has a good reputation for support, and that means more to me than the bottom dollar. I went through a lot of questions moving my hosting here, and moving 3 other customers. They have not dissapointed me with the support! My last host said 24/7 support, but on the weekends and holidays, they were NEVER there to pick up the phone.

I just wanted to add that I've been a customer @ hostgator for over a year and an affiliate as well. I can't think of one single complaint!

And I'm not new to hosting! My sites run fast, their support speaks ENGLISH and they are knowledgeable! Seriously, this is not a hard program to move at all!

Lee True
I love HostGator and have just started my very own affiliated HG website.. I cannot wait... Forget the rest and stick to Host Gatorrrrrr Grrrr

OK ... let's say I list in January and I was immediately recruited 5 people in the month of January. means at the end of March I will be $ 50x5 = $ 250 while the January to March, I only spent $ 30 and I'm only 5 referrals = 5x $ 30 = $ 150 so a total of $ 180 that we provide to HostGator. How HostGator can profit from this situation? Thanks for the answer.

First, we are so awesome that we plan to keep your sign-ups much longer than 3 months.

Second, even if we do pay you more than your referrals pay us, we enjoy other benefits from having affiliates.

It says: 'We provide all of the tools necessary' on the right side on the affiliate tab. What tools are you talking about ? Do you have ex. auto-responders (for offers etc?)

Thanks in advance!

It says, "We provide all of the tools necessary for you to convert your existing traffic into sales."

This means we provide you a special URL (a link) which you can distribute to earn commissions. We also provide some optional banners. You really do not need anything else if you already have existing traffic.

If I recruited several people (because I am web designer) and my clients I recommend Hostgator and they prefer to register since my computer, have a problem?

Sorry for my bad english.


I think you are asking if your customers can sign up for themselves.

Your customers must sign up for themselves, via your affiliate link. You cannot sign up for your referrals. The point of the affiliate program is to bring new traffic to HostGator.

If you sign up for your referral, then you will not get paid for that referral. Please read the Affiliates TOS, thoroughly.

I like Adrians bad English question but with a twist. I am a webmaster and also provide hosting for my customers, I have previously "tried" to let my customers sign up on their own and have found that even though the sign up and account purchase are easy they are stuck after that. They call me ( incurring a support cost ) to help them set up their accounts anyways, so here's my question:
Is it wrong in HG's eyes if I sign up my customers myself through the affiliate program ( since I know what I am doing ) and then hand over the account once everything is setup and running smoothly? Lay customers are quite stupid when it comes to things of this nature!
I look forward to the reply.

Yes, this is considered very bad from HostGator's perspective. In the past, affiliate members have used the scenario you explain as an excuse to sign up for multiple penny plans and then cancel those plans after the checks arrive. Of course, we are smart enough to recognize when they put some fake emails like xeo01@gmail and xeo02@gmail and xeo03@gmail, etc.

To prevent this abuse, we never allow an affiliate to sign up for his referrals.

Also, this defeats the purpose of our affiliate program if your referrals never need to visit the HostGator website.

I shall have to sign up for this, it seems pretty rock-solid.

Also, @ the "webmasters" who would rather sign-up the referrals themselves... I see it this way, Host Gator provides 2 options, if your referrals are smart enough to use a computer and sign up for an account (just like any other account on the internet) send them an affiliate link... If they are not able to figure that out for themselves, set them up yourself by reselling them hosting with a "Reseller Hosting" account. (the latter option allows you to choose your own profit, and sustain that profit over more than a one-time payment. Also as a "webmaster" it might be the smarter way to go in most situations, by keeping your customer(s) your's, and still offering them all the great benefits of Host Gator hosting.)

Lastly, I might suggest that if you think that some of your referrals won't be able to figure out the sign-up process (and you don't want to resell hosting to them,) then try creating a step-bystep instructional for them... (That would offer a more personalized service to your referrals, and make them feel all warm and cozy*)

* DISCLAIMER: Any references to the feelings of other parties is solely based on speculation.

Can we find out immediately if we've made a referral? I understand the 2 month waiting time, but I'd like to know when I made signups, in case I'm tracking my ads, so I can have an idea of what ads or banners are working best for me.

You should be able to see new referrals from within your affiliate control panel.

J Shepard
HostGator is awesome! I'm new customer but they have proven to be the absolute, most people-oriented companies I have come across in a long time. Their tech support is stellar and their customer services is too! In fact, I'm going to sign up for the affiliate program.

Hi, I have a hosting reseller account for the last 1 year and have an affiliate account too, my question is, if i signup for a new VPS account for myself separately, can i do so via my affiliate link and get paid too? Thanks.

No, of course not. You may not sign up via your own affiliate link.

I have been trying to get some questions out of hostgator. If i was allowed to can I make my own order forms and use a coupon code for the first month and offer my forum members hostgator hosting and each order made will go to a subdomain email that my members control so they can pay bills. Its like pretty much me having a email form that a member fills out and I go to hostgator.com using my affiliate link and entering those details and use a coupon code for his first month.

Is that allowed because I have been asking this for a long time and yet I have got no replies back. All this thing is pretty much making the order forms built into my own site but it emails me details and i enter those details in hostgator.com order and I receive money for using my own affiliate link to order for them.


No, that is not allowed. You may NOT sign up via your own affiliate link.

I have a few questions.

I am a web designer, and I would like to offer my clients a free custom built mini site if they sign up for hosting with HG.
Q) -Can I promote your hosting service like this and still be eligible for affiliate commissions?

Q) -Can I offer special promo codes so my customers can get hosting even cheaper and still be eligible for commission?

Q) -In my affiliate control panel, I can see (once I have referred people) how many referrals I have, but will I also be able to see the names and or email address of these referrals? This would be key in trying to promote your service with my free web design promo as stated above. I would need a way to track who has signed up and who has not in order to build the sites accordingly?

Please get back to me as soon as you can regarding these questions.
Thanks =)

Yes, you can promote your affiliate link along with any other services, but you will be responsible for those services.

Please email affiliates@hostgator.com with your other questions.

Some of the questions in here are unreal asking about the affiliate program. HG does take loss hits, and if you can't figure out how they still come out on top with their affiliate program, you shouldn't even be involved. The exposure alone from affiliate marketing is worth the losses they take on some canceled customers. Then you still have mailing lists/newsletters, the customers who have been there for years, people who upgrade to dedicated boxes, word of mouth from people you send to them who are not using the affiliate program. It's simple.

You're also getting a PPS (pay per sale) commission, regardless if you sell a small plan, or a dedicated box, you get a 1 time payout for that client...period.


Do you have any splash/squeeze pages I can use to advertise my affiliate link
on traffic exchanges etc? Or can I just use my link as is?


You may build your own splash and/or squeeze page to advertise.

David Manning

After reading some of the posts here I have to say I'm quite confused, surely the job of an affiliate marketer is to build trust with their prospects, having been a HG customer since 2005, I recommend HG to everyone purely because the hosting service and packages pricing is superb and I'm yet to find a better deal on the net and fully expect I never will.

For me, joining the affiliate program and earning a commission on referrals is just a bonus, I'd still whole heartedly recommend HG to all of my prospects and customers even if they didn't have an affiliate program.

Because I know they won't find a better deal anywhere else and because I made that recommendation to them I know their trust in me will skyrocket, so they will gladly look at my next recommendation for a related product or service.

Affiliate marketing isn't about making a one time big hit, it's about turning prospects into customers, then turning customers into multiple repeat customers and by looking after your customers over time it will return far greater rewards for you.

Hope this helps.

Is it allowed share of my comission with my affiliates? (something like "sign up now and get $20 after 90 days") What about gifts? ("sign up now and receive this beautiful gift" )
Once they sign up, do I get the contact info of my affiliates?

Be very careful about this! You can promise anything you want, but you will NOT have access to ANY information we collect about the customer you refer. HostGator must respect the privacy of our customers, even those referred to us.

You would need to gather that information from the customer ahead of time, and then confirm their account via a campaign you created in your Affiliate control panel.

Hey i like Hostgator . i Started Last week and i allready made 2 sales and they both are actvie but my question is You Know Were its Says PAID. in Commision page my says PENDING and its allready 2 days how long it takes to say paid or something ?

I love HostGator! I have used them for a few years now and will never bother to look elsewhere. My websites never go down, they are quick as lightning on the ticket support, and you surely can't beat the amazing quality for the price.

I recommend HostGator to all of my clients and friends. For Professional or Personal hosting needs, you can't go wrong with these guys.


Since the first post on this page was so ill-advised, I felt compelled to say that HostGator kicks-ass!

I've used them for multiple sites, including business/retail... and they're service is excellent, in every aspect... I've even promoted their affiliate program, and it's honest.

The first poster is just an angry dude that obviously doesn't know his a$$ from a hole in the ground... Hostgator has been #1 for a decade now... I don't know how 'KC Vale' could be so out-to-lunch in 2009.

It's like questioning Google's ability to serve search results properly...
it's common knowledge they can do it, and do it well.

I am confused in 2 things. As i have read all FAQs carefully and read all these comments too.

1. I am keen to know that If I am using my own generated coupon code directly into hostgator website without using affiliate link. Will i get commission on that sale.

2nd question, If any customer clicks on my referral link but pay his amount by using default coupon code i.e. SPRING. Will i get paid for the same?

1. Yes, you get the commission.

2. Yes, you get the commission.

ashok dhan
i have two hosting accounts HG . never face any problem with downtime always good . most of point i like the online chat with HG.
thankyou HG
HostGator Rock

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