What technical skills do HostGator Affiliates need to have?

We provide HTML code which you can copy and paste within your website or email advertisements. If you understand this, then you are well on your way to start to generate sales.

Please email affiliates@hostgator.in for affiliate program questions and support.

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I have wordpress installed in my site, and i am using wp125 plugin for ads. If i enter the link i was given to include in emails, as the target url, and i just copy and paste the image location url from one of your ads. Do you think that is going to work for me? I mean, I already did it , and it's working. I have the ad with he image and when i click on it, it takes me to hostgator.com, but i want to know if you guys are going to be able to track the sale as mine.

Just make sure you are using the affiliate URL we provide, and we will be able to track it.

If clients I sign up to host using HostGator have technical questions would they go through host gator or will i be saddled with them? I am a bit knowledgeable but not a wiz. If I can get past this hurdle I would like to begin.


As an affiliate: Your referrals will be signing up for HostGator hosting, so you will not be involved at any time. (Most people who are referred don't know who referred them.) We support the new client; you just collect the commission.

As a reseller: You are acting as your own hosting company, and you must run your own support center. If a client joins your reseller account, then you cannot collect commission. You only get commission when someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up for a HostGator hosting plan of their own.

Bambang Cuiy
You said that,"You only get commission when someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up for a HostGator hosting plan of their own"

Now if the problem he just open my blog and read that banner i'ved posted but He doesnt click my banner but just directly call by the number display on your banner, so what i get ? one more question, Do you have branch office to every country?

If they call us, then you cannot get commission. The visitor must click your link so that we get the cookie and can track the referrer.

As I develop additional websites for my personal profit, I would like to have Hostgator host them. Do I qualify for the "finders fee" for each of those new sites to be hosted with you?

Absolutely! Just sign up for an affiliate account, and then send your design customers to your affiliate link and tell them what to purchase.

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