How much can I earn?

How much would you like to earn? You can either be a casual affiliate and let your links and banner ads naturally trickle in business, or you can actively pursue sales and commission targets and rake in your earnings. Earn Rs 2250 , per signup or upto Rs 5625 for each customer that registers; it is all up to you!

For more information on commission rates, please visit our Affiliates page.

Please email for affiliate program questions and support.

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helmi novantiago
i'm a newnie. and there is a newbie too sign up under me,in in depth is said thatmy sale amount is $0,01. but in statistic in pending sales this month i get $50. wich one is really my comision, and what is the meaning of pending sales this month? how and when i get my comission? how to make my comission sent to my paypal? i need the answer please....

You get $50 per sale, no matter if the sale is for $0.01 or over $1000.00. We do screen for potential fraud, and each referral is required to stay active until we finish its fraud check.

Please email for specific questions.

Red Pasture
Can an affiliate earn an overriding commission from other affiliates who joined under his link?

The affiliates plan only works on one level.

If your referrals decide to become affiliates, you do not make money on their referrals.


I understand that the minimum commission is $50.

I just want to know about this affiliate commission, is it a monthly recurring or only a one time payment.

And also if the client continue subscribing his account after one year, whether the affiliate get commission in the second year also?

-- Thanks

We pay affiliates one time only for the referral.

Ali Kara
What is minumum payment ?

There is no minimum requirement, we just pay you every month.

So, technically the minimum amount we will pay is $50 for one sign up.

about this affiliate commission...If my referral continue the next month, we don't have a commission? one time commission per referral ?


Correct, this is a one-time commission per referral.

I have a question about the commission...

1-5 a month $50
6-10 a month $75
11-20 a month $100
21+ a month $125

Is this per calender month, or per 30 day period?

If i have one client and they make two (or more) sales - i mean: 2 Hosting/2 Domain = one Client...with same plan hosting.

How much i got paid commission? 1 sale or 2 sales?


Jason, when we say "month", we do mean a calendar month.

Kiting, you can only get one commission per client, ever.

I only want to sell HostGator's Reseller plans to my site visitors. Will i get the same ($50) per sale commission if I sell reseller plan?

Yes, it does not matter what type of plan is sold.

Jonh P
I have a website building company and create about 15-25 websites per month. Can I place an affiliate banner in my own site and click on it myself every time I have to build a new website and earn commission on those ? if not? what options would I have?

Thank you!


I believe that is against our ToS for affiliates. Check out this page for more info:

So I would recieve $50 for a commission on a $4.95 plan a month witch would total $59.40? so you mean "Host Gator" would only be making $9.45? something seems funny about that...

Yes, we do pay outrageous money to our affiliates, but we are very careful in tracking real sales and filtering out scam artists who think they can make some quick cash. Notice that we even pay some affiliates up to $125 per referral. It is definitely worth the extra publicity, and if your referral stays with us for several months, then we do make that money back.

And with our great services and loyal customers, we will be keeping your referrals for a very long time.

how long do the team often finish for checking fraud ?
i am afraid of it because if a person create some Affiliate coupon codes,and everyone use this .
but that person can't know a proof fraud of every one if they are cheat ?

We complete our fraud-check within 24 to 48 hours.

We also postpone all affiliate commissions by 60 days, in case the account is reported to be fraudulent later.

A person purchased one year hosting plan through my referral link.
In my commission payout $50.00 is mentioned instead of $100.
You have mentioned in your affiliate program that for the signup of 11-20 months you will earn $100 and one year means 12 months.

You misunderstand.

We pay a commission per every sign up, not per month purchased. So, you get the same commission whether they buy 1 month or 36 months.

We total your number of sales at the end of every month, and pay you accordingly.

Your comments help us keep the knowledge base updated. This is not a medium for support. If you have questions or need help, please contact us via email, phone or live chat for fast assistance.

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