Cookie Tracking Information

Our affiliate program uses cookie tracking to track and award sales made through the referral link.

The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days and is awarded on a last click basis -- meaning, if someone uses your link before sign up, it will overwrite any other affiliate cookie currently in their system.

If someone clicks your affiliate link, but then clears their cookies, then we cannot be sure you will get credit for the sale.

Please email for affiliate program questions and support.

Article Comments

so if someone registers; and in the next 60 days clears there cookies i wont recieve my money?

No, the cookie only needs to exist when they sign up for hosting.

Is it possible to have a cookie load when someone visits a page where a HostGator banner resides, or does the visitor have to click on the banner in order for the cookie to register?


A domain name can only add cookies for itself, not other domains.

So, a visitor must click the HostGator affiliate link and be redirected to before the cookie can be added. However, you can add your own cookie for your own site as soon as the visitor gets to your site.

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