Can I participate in the affiliate program if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, of course. If you are able to access the internet, you are eligible to participate in the HostGator Affiliate Program.

We have affiliates from all around the globe selling our products, and no other obligations or fees are required from us to do so.

Please email for affiliate program questions and support.

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Hi there,

So are you saying that you can make payments electronically to foreign bank accounts? Specifically I have Japan in mind here

Regards, Richard

We pay all affiliates via PayPal or check.

Those are the only options at this time.

In which case that basically means that I couldn't easily operate as an affiliate in Japan then. Hopefully you'll introduce wire transfers to foreign bank accounts at some point. This is how I operate with adsense and it works well.

Thanks for the reply though. I may still use you for VPS hosting later this year myself due to your reputation.

Richard, Paypal is worldwide, you will be able to recive by Paypal and than transfer to your Japan bank account. Take a look:

(A HostGator FAN :))

Hi! Well, you say the affiliate program is available worldwide but on the signup form, the Zip Code field is mandatory. The problem is that in Portugal Zip Codes do not exist. How can I be an affiliate then?

Simply email and we will help you.

Can I be a reseller and an affiliate as well?

Yes, you can be a reseller and an affiliate, but you cannot receive commission for referring customers to your reseller hosting. (Either they are your customers and they pay you, or you refer them to HostGator and they pay us. One sign-up cannot be both.)

I am thinking of becoming Hostgator affiliate at my home country, Malaysia. Can my customer/people I refer pay via wired transfer? Because I am thinking to use local currency in my promotion.

Sure, please refer to

Shible Shadiq
I am from Bangladesh and recently i managed one to buy a reseller package from you. but this person has no credit card. i let him use mine for managing the buy. is it legal to manage affiliate in this way??

is it legal to make promotion locally?? can i make an arrangement of Seminar to make the promotion?? how could i get highest benefits from you??

in my country not all the people obtain an internationally accepted credit card. can i use my own to perform this tasks for them??

i am sorry though i already asked so many questions. please, allow me to have some direction.

You can find these answers in the Affiliates TOS:

No, you cannot sign up for your referrals.

Yes, you can promote via any medium you like.

No, you cannot host a seminar for people to sign up because all the orders will be coming from the same IP. (Read the TOS to understand why that is a bad situation.)

is it possible for a customer to pay me the money and host his site without paying hostgator or i just provide the link to hostgator?

If you become a Reseller, you can sell hosting directly to your customers. In that case, you will not earn a commission.

If you become an Affiliate, you can link people to buy directly from HostGator and earn commission.

It's one or the other, not both.

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