Am I required to have a hosting account with HostGator in order to become an affiliate?

You do NOT need to be a HostGator hosting customer to be an affiliate. There is no extra incentive in being a HostGator customer and affiliate, so everyone is paid the same commission rates for the same amount of sales.

Please email for affiliate program questions and support.

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Can i promote banner or link on blogspot,wordpress or any free site and hosting?

Yes, as long as the free hosting company does not forbid it.

In your TOS: "If you are referring clients to HostGator from a free hosting service that you run, you are not eligible for commissions unless given express permission by HostGator."

do i get paid if i promote my affiliate link in blogspot?
do i get paid if i promote my affiliate link with twitter??

That's just for people who provide hosting services free of charge. Those types of HOSTS cannot refer customers to us.

You can refer people from your free hosting account's website (blogger, geocities, myspace, twitter).

So if I refer people from my blog using free hosting like, can i still get paid?

Correct. You can earn commissions, but cannot.

Jame Milner
If I refer local customer to you then I pay you for them. Do I get commission? In fact, it like a reseller but I don't want care or support them if they use your service. Is it possible?


No, you cannot sign up for your referrals.

Hi, can I promote both Hostgator and free hosting in the same blog/site?


You can promote whatever you want.

hello, if i refer 21 people and they choose some plan, then independent of chosen plan by referrals i get commission at the rate of $125?

If we get all 21 referrals within the same month, then yes.

I am a reseller and I sign people up for domain names or web hosting packages, do I get paid as an affiliate. Also, if my clients allow me to pay the hostgator affiliate on their website, will I get paid.

No, you cannot benefit twice from a single referral. Either the customer joins your reseller hosting and they pay you, or the customer joins HostGator hosting and you get a referral; can't be both.

No, you will not get commission when your referral gets a commission.

Ron Curington
My web server is sitting on my desk next to me. I have 4 or five of my own sites hosted on it. I am using DDNS to make this possible. I noticed earlier you said people who provide free hosting cannot be an affiliate. Just for clarification, since I provide my own hosting can I be an affiliate. I don't provide hosting for anyone else. My server is strictly personal. My setup isn't robust enough to provide hosting for other people.

If you read all the comments, you will notice the clarification on this.

It doesn't matter if you get free hosting or not.

It only matters if you are selling free hosting.

Is the affiliate link same as the coupon?

The referral link seems kind of long, can I use a service like to shorten it
or can I create a shorter url and forward that new url to my prospects?

That should work fine.

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